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In Addition To Expansion Of The LED Package Also How To Go?

Feb 25, 2017

 ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] to be completed this year with Hung Lee on gambling (protocol), it should not be much problem. Ismail was sitting across from the author's marketing director Zhang Lu-hua. backpfrontp view from the first half of this year, one of its subsidiaries was as Ismail Hongli Opto-electronic (300219.SZ) the most profitable, has contributed 10.9 million to the parent company's net profit. Product placement from EMC unmatched martial arts, to COB, SMC, CSP and other more extensive product line. backpfrontp year, LED market are not considered good, the packaging, the manufacturers are in expansion, Linsen (002745.SZ), Hongli Opto-electronic opened a base in Jiangxi Province, the country star power (002449.SZ) also corresponding expansion plans. However, the amount is rising, prices are going down all the way. Zhang Lu Hua also felt a little helpless, profits also followed down a lot. backpfrontp In fact, there are more than this troubled and Ismail and his family, in the case of increase in volume and a drop in price of LED stadium lights long time. LED production and research, according to the Institute of Engineering (GGII) survey data show that this year prices have fallen street about 25 percent, is expected to end this figure will reach 30%. Price display device of the first three quarters of this year almost cut. LED stadium lighting packaging companies in addition to expanding the current production capacity, improve economies of scale, it seems there is no better way to go. backpfrontp we are expansion. Zhang Lu Hua told the 'Engineering high power LED flood light, production capacity has now reached 1400kk / month, compared to the beginning of production capacity has almost doubled. Expansion means that large-scale production, large and stable, with suppliers will have sufficient bargaining power, but also reduced the manufacturing costs and management costs. backpfrontp Meanwhile, Ismail was in Jiangxi production base will soon put into the ground, in Zhang Lu Hua opinion, factory rent, labor costs are relatively low in the Mainland, and has abundant resources and markets,RGB led flood lights most of the production will be introduced into the mainland, is tactical adjustments many companies move. backpfrontp addition, Ismail was also actively looking for new profit growth point, and this time, they took a fancy to the module. Modules to the customer is very simple to use, unlike the lamp beads improper use can also affect performance and life expectancy. Zhang Lu Hua said that they cooperate with the IC business, the most reasonable lamp beads arranged to provide customers with the most optimized products, customers can reduce costs, thereby enhancing the company's own competitiveness. There is a reserve for export can be done in some developing countries. Zhang Lu Jieshao said that some developing countries, the Third World countries, may be behind the manufacturing level, providing better to provide modular lamp beads more recognized by the market. backpfrontp cut costs, Ismail was in progress, and it seems it is not just Ismail was a need to do so. RGB LED flood lights neither purely consumer goods, nor a complete industrial products, prices and profits decline is normal. Zhang Lu Hua believes, LED tennis court lights margins will eventually return to a rational, normal manufacturing level, not too high, but relatively stable, can get through this year, it is victory. backp