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Important Pilot Chau Ming Technology Replenishment Century Tripod Yuan Overseas Markets----led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 18, 2016

frontp Chau Ming Technology cloth hair September 14 announcement, stadium lights the company intends to own funds 2,777,800 yuan for Beijing Century Investment Co., Ltd. Ding Yuan capital increase, after the investment is completed, the company will hold a 10% stake century tripod yuan. backpfrontp Chau Ming Technology, said Ding Yuan century, is dedicated to the Hungarian national public lighting renovation project and the establishment of investment companies, the century tripod yuan to increase their investment, is Chau Ming Technology LED street lighting overseas business and EMC contract energy management business to expand overseas Important pilot markets. It will also create earnings growth for the company, help the company to lay a good foundation in overseas lighting. backpfrontp overseas business showed a high growth backpfrontp LED industry is fiercely competitive this year, Foshan led stadium Lights Association president Wu Yulin said, LED lighting industry, especially production industry overcapacity serious, this year the domestic LED lighting industry price war intensified. Various LED lighting business in order to compete for market share, in addition to the traditional price war, but in terms of brands, channels battle gradually staged. backpfrontp reporter noted that Chau Ming Technology semiannual reports mentioned the growth of overseas performance, the first half of 2015 Chau Ming science and technology overseas performance was high growth, revenue 449 million yuan, an increase of 57.50%. backpfrontp In addition, in terms of product segments, Chau Ming Technology pitch of the first half of 2015 small business revenue of 168 million yuan Couch, accounting for 26.88 percent main business revenue, an increase of 113.01%. Ping An Securities industry research report showed that prices number of LED tunnel light products with an annual rate of 30% in the fall, intensifying competition in the industry, LED companies only to be eliminated from competition in the industry by improving the yield improvement and technology. backpfrontp active overweight overseas markets backpfrontp Chau Ming Technology announcement shows that the capital increase is designed for Ding Yuan-century Hungarian national public lighting renovation project and the establishment of an investment company, which in 2014 with AVIC International New Energy Development Co., Ltd. and Winton Holdings Ltd. jointly set up the Air Winton (Hong Kong) Investment Limited. CNAC Winton has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the German E.ON Hungary Branch, the Air Winton to E.ON of Germany to Hungary municipal street lamps LED bay light retrofit. 'Daily Economic News' reporter called Deputy General Manager Zhou Ming Technology related matters, Deputy General Manager Xu Peng Chau Ming science and technology, said the company on the one hand can get return on investment through this partnership through equity century tripod yuan, on the other hand through Hungary municipal energy-saving projects in product sales revenue. backpfrontp Xu Peng said that the main significance of the century capital increase that followed Ding Yuan Aviation Winton go. Hungarian participation in public lighting LED arena light retrofit project is the company's lighting business into overseas markets EMC important sail pilot, is one of the practical initiatives and actively practice the country along the way grand strategy for the company EMC overseas lighting industry as accumulated valuable experience in the operation . backpfrontp Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow in China, said that the case of LED gym lighting industry generally sluggish and overweight in overseas markets is an inevitable choice.