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Importance Of Drive Power Supply To LED Luminaires

Jan 07, 2021

Importance of drive power supply to LED luminaires

Some manufacturers increase profits in order to reduce costs by using poor quality drivers. There should be an unseeded safety issue with this safe explosion-proof product.

Some factories, in order to reduce the cost of products, the use of constant voltage drive LED, also brought about mass production of each LED luminescence brightness is not uniform, LEDs can not work in good condition and a series of problems.

Constant current source drive good LED driving mode, the use of constant current source drive, do not need to be in the output circuit series current limit resistance, LED current flow is not affected by external supply voltage changes, ambient temperature changes, as well as LED parameter discrete, so as to maintain constant current, give full play to the various excellent characteristics of LED.

Using LED constant current power supply to power LED luminaires, because the current flowing through the LED is automatically detected and controlled during power supply work, so you don't have to worry about having a high current flow through the LED in the moment of power, and you don't have to worry about the load short-circuiting the power supply.

Using constant current drive mode, it can avoid the change of LED positive voltage and cause current changes, while constant current makes LED brightness stable, but also facilitate LED luminaire factory to implement mass production to ensure product consistency, so many manufacturers have fully recognized the importance of driving power supply, many LED lamp manufacturers have abandoned the constant voltage mode, and choose a slightly higher cost constant current way to drive LED luminaires.

Some manufacturers worry that the power supply drive board electrolyte capacitor will affect the life of the power supply, is actually a misunderstanding, for example, if you choose 105 degrees, life of 8000 hours of high temperature electrolyte capacitor, according to the prevailing electrolyte capacitor life estimation method "every reduction of 1 0 degrees, double the life", then it has a working life of 16,000 hours in a 95-degree environment, a working life of 32,000 hours in an 85-degree environment, and a working life of 64,000 hours in a 75-degree environment. If the actual operating temperature is lower, the life will be longer! From this point of view, as long as the choice of high-quality electrolyte capacitors on the life of the driving power supply is not affected!

There is also a point worthy of LED luminaire enterprises note: because LED in the process of work will release a large amount of heat, so that the core temperature rise rapidly, the higher the LED power, the greater the heating effect. The increase of LED chip temperature will lead to changes in the performance of light emitting devices and electro-optical conversion efficiency attenuation, serious or even failure, according to experimental tests show that: LED its own temperature rise of 5 degrees Celsius, the light flow is reduced by 3%, so LED luminaires must pay attention to the LED light source itself cooling work, in the case of possible to maximize the cooling area of the LED light source itself, as far as possible to reduce the operating temperature of the LED itself, if conditions permit, the power supply part is separated from the light source part, It is not desirable to pursue small size and ignore the operating temperature of lamps and power supplies.