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Hung Lee, Peter Tong, Jingke Talk About Future Changes In Packaging Market---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 07, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin]executive vice president Yang Hongli Opto-electronic hair: Industry neither optimistic nor pessimistic backpfrontp from this year's LED stadium light market point of view, go very hard, mainly a serious decline in the price performance, although the number has increased substantially compared to last year is, but the overall decline in net profit.  In this environment,stadium lighting competition in the industry as Gong (GONG Wen Jing, general manager of Taiwan shares) said, fewer customers, and peers less, but it may also represent future opportunities come, make it live business It will usher in better development. the second half to find on Hongli Opto-electronic market will be a breakthrough in the development of some of the future will not optimistic forecast, but not pessimistic. backpfrontp Kuang Li Yihai Electronic secretaries: optimistic about the future trend of three years Marina Electronics this year compared to last year almost more balanced. In recent years the company's ongoing restructuring,high power led flood light the business has three main one is the device, and the second is a patch, and the third block is a line and optocoupler. This year we focused on aspects backpbackpfrontp patch, launched a new technology, the technology almost from the beginning of 2013 with more than two years, invested heavily on equipment investment for more than a million, this technology beginning of this year has been basically products has been recognized by customers, markets are now used in the display,1000W led flood light since a long time investment is relatively large, the performance of our entire organization has some pull into. backpfrontp in line and optocoupler piece, we still relatively stable. At the same time we believe that the next three years, the whole situation will be a big growth in this patch, plus we have a new cooperation in the optocoupler, we will develop some new products, will make a full breakdown of the product, according to The idea to develop it,led tunnel light we will have a relatively good condition after three years. backpfrontp Crystal Electronics Assistant to the President: a flip-boosting growth for the company Crystal Electronics from its inception is doing flip chip this is mainly TV backlighting,led arena light so far do several domestic TV backlight are our customers, and now The case also tell you is that the same dosage does not increase, sales growth, but less profit, Jingke from 2014 to feel the market conditions. In 2015, when our performance is slightly on the rise, now we have to do several things,led bay light the first thing that we have with some international companies overseas cooperated lighting field, the amount of supply is quite large. The second backlight above, we applied the CSP TV backlight products,tennis court light the application of high reflectance of this piece, this is one of our growth. The third is that we have established this year with Skyworth LED gym light testing laboratory. backpfrontp flip aspect is one of our growth this year, mainly to do with the product before 3535 street lighting this one, affected the market, 3535 This product is not very boom, we are also developing to do outdoor lighting, we have done this year extension of new products, including AC, and next year we will make alternative COB existing products and new products.