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Hunan Aihua Solid Capacitors Eligible For Special Support MIIT Mason Layout Track Lighting

Feb 06, 2017

 Aihua Group (603,989), Oct. 14 announcement that received government grants of 17.33 million yuan of special funds first pen. Aihua Group in July 2015 signed the 'industrial transformation and upgrading of strong base project Contract' and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the company's LED stadium lighting with high temperature, long life, compact solid-state aluminum electrolytic capacitor project, approved 32 million yuan yuan of special funds. backpfrontp Industry and Information Technology Ministry and the target company in accordance with the annual schedule of completion of project situation assessment, contract was signed (in 2015) within its first year issued 17.33 million yuan of special funds, after acceptance in accordance with the implementation of the project released the second tranche special fund. backpfrontp Mason Technologies (002654), Oct. 14 announcement that the wholly owned subsidiary of Japan to further develop the domestic photovoltaic LED stadium lights products market, strengthen strategic cooperation with the Changchun Railway Vehicles Equipment Co., Ltd, which will be the natural person Zhang 10,000 million joint venture to set up a joint venture in Changchun Optical Co., Ltd. Mason. backpfrontp It is understood that a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese photoelectric mainly engaged in production and sales of LED stadium lights; LED lighting systems product design, development and sales; development and sales of LED tunnel light boxes, signs products; sales of electronic products; domestic trade, goods and technology import and export. backpfrontp Mason Changchun joint venture mainly engaged in photoelectric LED lighting products, automotive lighting products, energy-saving products, rail vehicle lighting products, design, development, marketing, technical advice and technical services; R \u0026 D and sales of LED high bay light boxes, signs products; lighting, lighting design; sales of electronic products; domestic and international trade, import and export of goods and technology. backpfrontp The establishment of the joint venture will help strengthen the strategic cooperation with the Changchun Railway Vehicles Equipment Co., Ltd, improve the regional distribution companies LED gym lights industry, LED lighting products and further develop the domestic market for the company to cultivate new profit growth point, improve profitability and overall competitiveness, promote the realization of the company's overall development strategy. backpfrontp Liard (300 296), announced that the result of non-public offering planning matters, the company stock has been temporarily suspended since July 27, 2015.  Riyadh said it would fully accelerate the non-public offering of stock issues in the work as soon as possible to determine the final program of the non-public offering.since October 14, 2015 the Company's shares will continue to be suspended until the relevant issues identified, the Company will promptly disclose the relevant announcement and resume trading in accordance with the relevant provisions.Led tennis court lights Photovoltaic (002638) on backpfrontp ground, announced that the result of planning a major asset restructuring the company's stock on August 31, 2015 opening date for suspension. backpfrontp the date of this announcement, the company and related parties are actively promoting the work of this major asset reorganization involved. According to relevant regulations,led arena lights the company's stock will continue to suspension. After the related work is completed, the company will convene the Board to consider the relevant motion, timely notice and card. backpfrontp East Crystal Electronic (002199), announced that the Board of Directors receives a written resignation submitted by Ms. Luo Hongli on October 13, 2015, Ms. Luo Hongli apply for personal reasons resigned directorships, still continue to serve as deputy general manager. backpfrontp According to regulations,1000W led flood light the resignation of Ms. Luo Hongli not lead to less than a quorum of the Board members of the company, will not affect the normal operation of the company's board, Ms. Luo Hongli's resignation from the board of directors shall take effect from the date of delivery. The company will work in accordance with legal procedures are completed election of directors as soon as possible.