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Huizhou Leading Enterprises LED Industry Cluster Formed Last Output Value Ranked Second In Guangdong

Feb 24, 2017

 near Huizhou Guangdong as one of Shenzhen city in the industrial manufacturing and various aspects of good development, it is understood, LED stadium lighting industry in Huizhou, Guangdong has become the second in the lighting industry. backpfrontp support leading enterprises to drive the formation of Huizhou LED stadium lights cluster backpfrontp fact, Huizhou as an industry developed industrial town, after years of effort, has formed a mobile communications, flat panel display, high power LED flood light automotive electronics, new energy battery five major industrial clusters . Wherein, in the LED, the city has become the country's major semiconductor lighting industrial base, both industry leaders, there are industry, public service platform. Huizhou 1000W LED flood light industry, it has formed upstream of the substrate, epitaxy, chip-to-package midstream and downstream applications of the whole industry chain industry cluster, has a good foundation and broad development prospects. Last year, the city's LED tunnel lights industry output value reached 50.835 billion yuan, ranking second in the province. Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Zouping Sheng said. backpfrontp Cree, LG, NVC, BYD, TCL lighting, Yuan Hui lighting, Wei Chi \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; the backbone of these known LED enterprises, is supporting leading Huizhou LED industry development. Among them, the Cree LED gym lights chip is the world's leading enterprises, is a typical representative of Huizhou City, the whole industry chain LED business operations; NVC is the traditional lighting of the leader, and has a leading edge in LED commercial lighting and architectural lighting, and other fields; TCL, BYD lighting and other listed companies in the rapid development of applications, industry driven effect is very significant. Moreover, Chau Ming Technology, Lehman optoelectronics and other companies have set up branches in Huizhou. backpfrontp addition to leading enterprises in Huizhou City, also gradually formed the lighting industry cluster of considerable size, Guangdong packaging applications become larger, investment is very active in the region, the region is one of the more complete industrial chain. Setting up public service platform to boost industrial development backpfrontp addition to corporate, LED high bay lights industry in Huizhou City, the other with a big advantage, that the industry has a good public service platform. At present, Huizhou City has been the national optical radiation safety optoelectronic products for Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, LED tennis court lights photoelectric detection state key laboratories and other two GuoZiHao testing organizations. In addition, also has a common technology platform Huizhou LED, LED standard light assembly centers, at home to provide services for LED business. backpfrontp According to reports, in order to train more professionals, Huizhou University, City College opened LED arena lights professional technicians and professional skills courses, to strengthen cooperation with universities inside and outside the province, training professional and technical personnel and photonics Vocational Talents. Next, Huizhou will continue to lay the regional advantages and industrial advantages of these two cards, the implementation of the whole industry chain innovation programs give priority to support the development of RGB LED flood lights industry chain, to focus on the implementation of provincial linkage \u0026 lsquo; visible light communication and standard components \u0026 rsquo; significant science and technology projects, give full play to the guiding role of financial resources to support the LED enterprise technological innovation. Zouping Sheng said. backp