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Huateng Carry Ultra Fine Pitch LED Stadium Light Automatic Test Sorting Equipment To Compete For The Golden Globe Engineering

Oct 11, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED reporter Qin Gan Two years ago, Shenzhen Huateng Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd. (Huateng semiconductor) for the first time in the country for small spacing display LED stadium light automatic test points election equipment research, specifically for 1010RGB, 0707RGB other LED developed a new test sorting equipment, after nearly two years of improvement and actual production testing, has reached domestic leading, comparable to the level of foreign advanced equipment. backpfrontp Huateng semiconductor R \u0026 D, manufacturing, sales and service in one of China's leading LED packaging equipment companies, have access to national and high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City is recognized; the company has been committed to the global high power LED flood light packaging enterprises to provide advanced products and quality service. Through several years of unremitting efforts, the companies gained rapid development, has been in LED industry won a good reputation. backpfrontp Huateng semiconductor Libo Jie, director of marketing, said the company would carry a small pitch display 1000W LED flood light automatic test sorting equipment HT-7900 LED packaging equipment Engineering contested 2015 annual Technology Innovation Award category. backpfrontp Libo Jie introduced Huateng semiconductors this HT-7900, with a new detachable rotary nozzle structure design, easy to clean, high interchangeability, repeatability deviation \u0026 le; 0.005mm. In addition, the test probe assembly also adopted a detachable design, greatly extending the life of the probe,led bay light reducing maintenance time and reduce customer acquisition costs. the device specific operating parameters: to ensure 140ms test period under the premise of running speed of 16K / H; return BIN rate of 95%, VF test deviation \u0026 le; 0.01, VL test deviation \u0026 le; 5%, MLD test deviation \u0026 le; 0.1 nm. backpfrontp Dongshan Precision, Linsen, Retop other well-known domestic enterprises are given a high rating on the equipment: This product superior performance, cost-effective beyond imported equipment, large bulk purchase