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Huajie Guang Electricity: Indoor Display Into The 'high Refresh' - A New P3, P4, P5 Product Dazzling Sail

May 31, 2017

  [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng With the progress of time, the market for LED stadium lights display resolution requirements are high, and the refresh rate is undoubtedly a key factor to enhance the clarity of the display one. backpfrontp autumn October, Hua electricity rose after new releases, and then offer short-term works \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; indoor surface mount P3, P4, P5 full color Brother refresh rate Qi upgrade, jointly led the industry into the era of high refresh. backpbackpfrontp This time, we have introduced indoor surface mount P3, P4, P5 products, mainly LED stadium lighting display products is the future trend of development for our Huajie locked high brush areas, and indoor full color product as a breakthrough, and improve our clarity and stability of the product. Center Director Li Hao Jin said Hua energy R \u0026 D. backpfrontp in the previously announced product, although Huajie indoor P3, P4, P5 full color products because of their top quality, stable, the price close to the people, has been widely welcomed by the market,high power led flood lights but did not stop there Huajie, The We Huajie indoor P3, P4, P5 high brush product release, will once again fill the shortage in this area, given the vast number of distribution partners were encouraged by a hundredfold. Huajie Guo Wu Quanan representation within the Marketing Director of the Centre. 1000W led flood lights reporter has learned that this release Huajie indoor P3, P4, P5 Brush full-color high refresh rate as follows: from the ultra-high refresh rate backpbackpfrontp upper drive chip applications: backpbackpfrontp the same time, this series of indoor P3, P4 , P5 Total full-color high-Brush has the following five advantages: backpfrontp 1, the elimination of smear phenomenon backpfrontp 2, eliminate leakage and short circuit LED caterpillars phenomenon backpfrontp 3, no reverse bias voltage surge LED tennis court lights affect their life backpfrontp 4, high refresh rate backpfrontp 5, high-performance PCB design, no crosstalk, low ash good effect. backpfrontp from irregularities mask to hot riveting kit from the Rose series of new products to the indoor P3, P4, P5 full color high brush product releases, each of which have condensed the results of people's efforts Huajie and glory! as the industry's leading brands, China Jay time to promote industry upgrading and improving products continue to promote the industry to enhance the level of technology and transformation to bring more entrepreneurs development and prosperity as its mission, through the cultivation of the research team,LED high bay lights the introduction of international advanced equipment, improve the production process, product promotion and other aspects of control mechanisms continue to strengthen self-construction. Future Huajie Guang Electric will further enhance its research and development, innovation, build more technology professionals dedicated to creating global industry standard Huajie product! Wu Quanan last mentioned.