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Hua Gaoguang Electricity: To Tell You What Is Real 'cloud Control---led Stadium Floodlight

Nov 14, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng At present, intelligent lighting products on the market has broken through the single color dimming function,stadium lights but also is not limited to the use of a mobile phone APP to achieve intelligent, but more abundant species, works more diverse, and more unlimited creativity. backpfrontp September 11 afternoon, the topic convened by Hua Gaoguang electricity as 'LED stadium light intelligent lighting intelligent home outlet how to take this chance,' the intelligent lighting forum again to detonate the eye circle of people. , Hua Gaoguang electrical lighting related factor these intelligent, creative combination backpfrontp cloud, APP management software, intelligent gateway, Pocket high power LED flood light and online transactions, and so together, which also became known for the wisdom of China to build high, lighting Yun Gu Hua High Z + intelligence platform. backpfrontp Z + what intelligence is? After the forum began, Dr. Fu Xiaohui electricity, general manager of Hua Gaoguang questions to the honored guests. Dr.  Fu making keynote backpfrontp Z is Zigbee, a wireless control, especially when combined with mobile terminals operating easier to make intelligent lighting; intelligent wireless Zigbee technology platform is an open system,1000W led flood light the lighting is a core needs, you can also add other smart applications come in, even to the cloud, can be controlled via the phone or through intelligent switches, intelligent touch panel for field control. Dr. Fu Xiaohui mentioned. backpfrontp And why should launch this Z + intelligent, then what is its purpose? backpfrontp this regard,LED tunnel light Deputy General Manager of Hua Gaoguang electric Cheung explains how the North, intelligent solution is a system, lighting to intelligent, Also there is a corresponding control system, corresponding intelligent power supply and control software, for which China high-tech integrated unified platform \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Z + intelligence platform emerged. backp live demo Z + Intelligent Platform backpfrontp intention platform we have established, the first step is to provide a platform of value for everyone; the second step is the Internet-based way of thinking, to create value added services via the Internet. The future we might be a LED street lighting Internet companies, using the Internet to create a way of thinking + LED + chain. North Cheung Ho expressed.In the future, the type of intelligent lighting will be richer, more diverse works, and a growing number of consumer groups. Intelligent lighting, or control through intelligent switch lighting,led bay light the use of breaking the traditional limitations of manual switch; or by voice, remote control, body sensors and other means to turn the illumination source, led arena light will be doomed to provide consumers with a more convenient, more humane home services, we are for this market. Dr. Fu Xiaohui last mentioned. backpZigbee-ZLL / ZHA dimming adjust the color temperature solutions backpZigbee intelligent LED panel light solutions backp