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How To Wire LED Flood Lights

Dec 15, 2020

How to wire LED flood lights

LED floodlights are a great option for a night-time. Here are the steps of wiring lights to follow:

1. Find out where to place the floodlight. This will depend on what purpose you use the light for (for example, for safety purposes), or just to highlight the beautification and flower beds. But generally speaking, LED floodlights are most efficient when they are placed at the corners of buildings (where the lighting is often the least), and placed near the roof. If they are installed too close to the ground, the coverage will not be too large-although they will certainly be easier to install because you don’t need to go up the ladder to wire the lights (please note: you need to climb up the ladder, ask someone to connect it Put it at the bottom to help you be safe. Before proceeding, you need to determine the exact location of the light, whether the wire can enter the area, the route of the wire from the power socket to the light, whether it will block the wire, etc. A reasonable suggestion is to draw in advance The entire set of maps to help you.

2. Remember to turn off the power! To avoid any electrical hazards or accidents, please use the main power switch on the breaker box/control panel to turn off the power. Your own safety is paramount, you don’t want to work around a live power source when you mess around with wires

3. Find the power socket closest to where you want to place the floodlight, unscrew the surface of the socket and connect the wires. Make sure you keep matching colors

4. Now, connect the wires to the floodlight itself. Similarly, before using electrical tape and wire caps to connect the wires to the floodlight, use wire clamps to fix the wires to the wall or floor.

5. Have a test! Turn on the lights to see if the lights are properly connected.