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How To Choose The Right Lighting Equipment

Jan 15, 2021

How to choose the right lighting equipment

If photography means writing with light, then the lighting device is the photographer's pen. Every photography project has its own characteristics. For example, shooting still life does not necessarily require particularly good equipment, but it must have good light. This is the most basic. So how to choose the photography light that suits you?

Want to figure out which lamp suits you? First, we need to clarify a few questions:

The difference between strobe light and continuous light:

1. Flash strobe light: with built-in low-power modeling light that is always on, used to let you know where the flash from the strobe light will hit. The modeling light is also very useful in a dim studio because of the camera's focusing system need enough light.

2. Continuous lighting: a light source that is always on. For beginners, continuous lights are usually easier to use because you can see the lights in real time instead of adjusting them all the time (however, some strobe lights do have continuous mode when setting the light position).