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How Does Wireless DMX Work

Jan 14, 2021

How Does Wireless DMX Work

You may already know the basics of wireless DMX allowing you to send DMX lighting signals to nearby or far light fixtures without a physical cable. Most wireless DMX systems operate in the 2.4GHz frequency range, which is the same frequency range as wireless WIFI networks. Some also provide 5GHz or 900MHz functions.

The wireless DMX transmitter converts the conventional wired DMX into a wireless signal, and then the receiver converts it back to the conventional DMX. In fact, it is much like a digital wireless microphone.

Many wireless DMX units are actually transceivers that can send or receive DMX (but not at the same time).

Every manufacturer that manufactures wireless DMX has its own manufacturing method, so wireless DMX equipment of one brand will not work wirelessly with equipment of another brand. However, many wireless DMX manufacturers use one or two main protocols.

The two main "standard" protocols for wireless DMX are Lumenradio and W-DMX.

Some consoles and fixtures actually have built-in wireless DMX and do not require a separate transmitter or receiver. Other fixtures include antennas, but need to plug in a simple USB receiver to make the wireless signal work properly-making wireless DMX easier!