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Hongyan Electric Fifty Million Investment In Intelligent Production As 'Chi-made' Gain Another Victory

Apr 17, 2017

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] night, a dark factory, can hear the crushing sound of cracking cracking rub rub, but also to see the faint light, no sound, you'll will not be frightened? backpfrontp is not a horror film, but the future of LED stadium lights production plant looks like. backpfrontp machine Substitution is not far away and can not, yesterday (October 28) for optical and Hangzhou Hangzhou Hongyan Electric on machine Substitution signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Hongyan company developed a machine Substitution overall planning, program by three years, the investment is not less than 50 million yuan, high power led flood light production lines, assembly line automation, intelligent transformation and the construction of new intelligent plant. backpfrontp and this project is fully commissioned in for Optoelectronics. backp backpfrontp signing ceremony for the photovoltaic precipitation automated production line for many years, with intelligent production lines, create intelligent plant, hugging Industry 4.0, providing intelligent equipment, which is the general manager for the Optoelectronic Zhang ninety-six of the company's positioning and vision. Zhang ninety-six has been on the 2015 Summit Engineering G20-LED lighting forecast,1000W led flood light bulb at the end of this year to next year there will be a large outbreak. Zhang, general manager for the Optoelectronic backp ninety-six backpfrontp To meet this outbreak, automated production line is the most powerful weapon. backpfrontp in Hongyan Electric production manager in Jinsheng opinion, automated production is the first to be able to solve the problem of artificial shortage. Workers now bad move, especially skilled workers are scarce, in Jinsheng introduced Road, Hongyan Electric now a total of eight production lines, if you struck the first blow, each production line can produce a monthly average of 300,000 LED tunnel light source-level products. However, because it is semi-automated production line, if the full capacity of each production line need to be equipped 30 workers. backpfrontp this time to play for the respect of the photoelectric effect of automated production lines. If Hongyan Electric current lighting automation of production lines, each production line upgraded month can achieve 600,000 LED arena lights bulb capacity (by working 22 hours per day basis), representing more than doubled the original, And to complete this capacity, only 4-5 workers. backpfrontp Hongyan Electric and photoelectric located in East China, is China's LED lighting export distribution center, large-scale production and exports, production line automation demand continues to heat lamps. Substitution backpfrontp machine can be realized, not only to achieve the most immediate increase in production capacity, orders was significantly strengthened, but also bring employment to reduce the number of manufacturing integrated cost reduction, product quality and more secure. Further speaking, LED high bay lights automated production not only requires digital, intelligent, and intelligent storage, management and service of industrial manufacturing. Standardization backpfrontp LED light source is coming class lighting products, automated production lines also happens to fit this trend. For this year introduced a new photovoltaic distributed automation production lines. Is a so-called distributed a piece of equipment is equivalent to a one workstation, through a variety of ways, in combination with the original equipment, and the price is not high, the price is very advantage. backpfrontp On the other hand,LED tennis court lights you can also meet individual customer, a small minority of the demand by 3D printing. As long as the customer demand for the product, regardless of order size, the new production line can be met by 3D printing and flexible production. Zhang ninety-six representation. The project backpfrontp reached for the optical and electrical machinery Hongyan Substitution strategy, including the transformation of the Castle Lake Industrial Park geese automatic assembly line of lighting products, electrical products Wuchang Hongyan Industrial Park as well as automated assembly line Hongyan Industrial Park Wuchang automatic production line of electronic products. Wang meters into backpfrontp backp president, according to Wang Hongyan Electric meters into the Hongyan Electric CEO envisaged,RGB led flood light geese not only to the production of intelligent products and solutions, but also to achieve intelligent production process, in order to respond to external challenges and seize the competitive high ground. backpfrontp this vision, and for positioning the photoelectric intelligent manufacturing coincide. Can leveraging automation intelligence, hugging Industry 4.0, will be an important factor affecting the LED industry and even the whole manufacturing industry could take off. backp