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Hongli Opto-electronic Third Quarter Net Profit Doubled To Build LED + Internet + Car Finance Networking Platform

Apr 06, 2017

  October 26 evening, Hongli Opto-electronic (300219.SZ) released three quarterly. The report shows that the company's third quarter operating income reached 441 million yuan, LED stadium lights representing an increase of 69.16 percent over the same period last year, net profit of 46.2337 million yuan, an increase of 98.15%. 2015 January to September, operating income was 1.135 billion yuan, an increase of 65.24%, net profit reached 103 million yuan, an increase of 88.23%. backpfrontp three quarterly performance will rise attributed to the following two points: First, since 2015, LED stadium lighting market demand is good, the company expanded production scale LED packaging, and increased marketing efforts to promote the release of the company's effective production capacity In the main business maintained a steady growth. Two subsidiaries, acquired in 2014 contributed part of the performance, so that the company's revenue and net profit have increased greatly. backpfrontp we still plan to expand production. Hongli Opto-electronic marketing director Wang once the case told Engineering high power LED flood light, SMD LED company's existing production line has been unable to meet the future needs of the company's rapid growth. Hongli Opto-electronic expansion project in Nanchang, Jiangxi investment, is to expand production scale, to ease pressure on production capacity, reduce production costs. And on October 16, Hongli Opto-electronic issue of raising funds to expand business scale feasibility report. backpfrontp However,1000W led flood light this year, a serious decline in the price of packaged devices, the incremental increase in profits is not the situation intensified. Hongli Opto-electronic gross margin remained relatively stable through scale and technology innovation. While speeding up the layout in the UV, flip, automotive lighting, high margin segments of. backpfrontp RGB LED flood light package to ensure the continued healthy development of the main business, while also actively expanding extension Hongli Opto-electronic industries, car networking, in order to establish LED Opus Dei + Internet + car finance ecological networking platform. backpfrontp around this clear strategy, Hongli Opto-electronic steady progress on tactics. backpfrontp shares Companion metal, heavy surplus workers yuan, Ismail had to wait, reinforcing LED high bay lights related businesses; the acquisition of net Liberty, involved in the Internet finance; acquisition Buddha of lighting, equity-Air Technology and Pasadena school bus successfully intercept vehicle networking industry. backp