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High Power Led Flood Light,stadium Floodlight---OAKLED Lighting Systems Play An Important Role

Oct 23, 2016

Panasonic targeting European LED stadium lighting market in 2018 global sales target of over $ 3 billion ,Panasonic today announced 2018 fiscal year sales revenue will enhance the lighting business in Europe from 2014 fiscal year, 30 billion yen to 36 billion yen (US $ 300 million). Panasonic believes that the European and Japanese penetration is still low compared to high power led flood light, as well as room for growth, the future will be LED-based lighting-related parts and components market development. Germany Vossloh-Schwabe company Matsushita will accelerate in 2002 to develop business-oriented acquisition. Panasonic's lighting business in addition to residential and shop with lighting, it also engaged in LED bay light bulbs and lighting components business, has the world's third market share. However, in the Netherlands, Philips and other strong opponents gathered in the European market, Panasonic did not carry out business before lamps and light bulbs, sockets and other spare parts only to lighting manufacturers. backpfrontp Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake shortage of power supply, thus gaining popularity as an opportunity to LED tunnel light, lighting now accounts overall ratio of around 50%. Europe has a culture such as the use of incandescent lights, 1000W LED flood light accounted for only about 30%. Matsushita forecast the future focus on energy efficiency will boost demand in Europe, and will enrich the LED lighting components. In addition to the store's lighting, street lamps will sell brightness and hue control system. backpfrontp Panasonic will also strengthen China and India to the lighting business outside Europe. Lighting business overall sales revenue in fiscal year 2018 plan to increase to 400 billion yen (about 3.32 billion US dollars), while the 2014 fiscal year to 317.7 billion yen. domestic manufacturers in Japan, Toshiba also in Europe with Germany and France as the center of sales of LED street light bulbs and lighting fixtures and other products.