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Harmony Technology Acquisition Jensen Electrical Layout Roots Deep UV LED

May 18, 2017

  Chinese concept of health is one of the recent capital market is the most popular themes. It later reported that China is expected to become a national health strategy, medical, pharmaceutical, health care, pension,LED stadium lights private hospitals and other topics soared across the board, several dozen stocks daily limit for two consecutive days. Analysts said China's strategy in promoting the health plan, the whole big booming health industry will enter a period of related stocks will fully benefit. backpfrontp A shares have a healthy Chinese stocks,LED stadium lighting the new board has not? Harmony Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Harmony Technology) in the acquisition of Qingdao-Health Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Jason Electric), will officially enter the big health industry has become one of the few healthy three new board Chinese stocks. backpfrontp Harmony Technology Acquisition Jensen electrical layout DUV LEDbackpfrontp information, Harmony Technology registered in December 2010, March 2011 began the first round of financing, CDH,high power led flood light the northern lights and other famous venture capital ranks of its founding shareholders. In subsequent rounds of financing, Haitong Securities, Korea Investment, deep venture capital, Beijing IC join and become shareholders of the company. After backpfrontp establishment of harmony science and technology is developing rapidly, in April 2013 acquisition of Jiangxi Rui Technology Co., Ltd., was reorganized as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Optoelectronics Technology Co. harmony.1000W LED flood light The company nearly three years of net profit amounted to 1.4976 million yuan, 10,812,000 yuan, 64,267,000 yuan, and in June 2015 in the three new board listing. Currently, the harmony is a leading optoelectronic semiconductor light-emitting chip manufacturer, a single monthly MOCVD production (an LED chip equipment manufacturers) can be in the world. backpfrontp However, domestic enterprises will swarm the LED market is extremely competitive, just a few years has become one of the Red Sea. backpfrontp harmony from the beginning of last year, I feel the danger, feel the need to transition, to do some things with high added value, although last year, business was good.Led tennis court light Harmony Technology Chairman Liang Xudong representation. backpfrontp Harmony Technology sights on the DUV fields. backpfrontp Harmony Technology October 16 evening announcement that the proposed use of non-public offering of shares and cash of the way, the acquisition of Qingdao Jason Electric Co. 85.61% stake. After the completion of the acquisition, Harmony technology will become the sole ability to produce deep UV LED chip enterprises, and thus become the capital market DUV healthy chips first unit. backpfrontp According to Jensen, chairman and general manager Zhang Guohua Electric introduced Jason Electric was established in 2001, he led a group of people returning from abroad founder, is the only country capable of producing deep-UV (ie ultraviolet wavelength 100-280nm) LED products. Company DUV chip related technology not only domestic unique, but also in the world's semiconductor LED high bay lights industry chain is also in the top three position. backpfrontp entire harmony system is continuous, blue-green, ultraviolet, there. The acquisition of Jason, we have a deep-UV. Harmony with Jason after the merger will be the powerful combination of complementary advantages, coupled with the overall harmony of a large platform, including our financial advantages, technology, together build a world-class DUV chips. Liang Xudong representation. wide backpfrontp DUV prospect LED gym lights According Guohua introduced DUV wide range of applications, with major applications in lighting, high-density information storage and secure communications and other fields, but they are most promising DUV superior disinfection efficacy. backpfrontp UV antivirus is already a world-recognized mature technology, its principle is the cell wall and viral proteins UV unstoppable as long as ultraviolet radiation continues, it can damage bacterial DNA and RNA, and without any residue. The UV divided into near, medium and deep three bands, were called UV-a, UV-b and UV-c. UV-a is too anti-virus efficiency UV rays, deep-UV is its 3600-fold. backpfrontp although DUV antivirus effect so amazing, but there is no related applications on the market. Guohua said: Currently antivirus basically mercury UV light source, a mercury lamp inefficient and not environmental protection. We are determined to make a deep UV LED application products. backp