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Hao Di Optical Engineering: High Efficiency LED Lights To Compete For The Golden Globes--oak Led Flood Light

Oct 17, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xiongyu Heng] Since the city of ten thousand implemented, the intensity of competition in the field of LED stadium lights for all to see, the focus of competition is also constantly changing. From the previous luminous efficiency, luminance to high cost, then Designs (cultural connotation), it can be said is the increasingly stringent customer requirements, if there is no strong correlation street business R \u0026 D strength, we can not really embrace that porcelain live outdoor lighting. backpfrontp From the market performance this year, hig power LED flood light outdoor lighting market competitive upgrade, similar products require the appearance, performance, cost-effective are outstanding in order to win the favor of customers, the greater the pressure on enterprises. Guangdong Hao Di represents Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hao Di optical) research assistant Hejia Hao.  He also mentioned that to achieve customer needs, Hao Di photoelectric has always focused on seeking to balance the appearance, performance, cost between the three. The Hao Di photoelectric Golden Globe Award participate Engineering 1000W LED flood lights HD-SLM060, both more than three points, competitive advantage is obvious. backp Hao Di photoelectric energy efficient LED lights HD-SLM060backpfrontp Hao Di Which LED bay lights positioned in small power outdoor lighting market, its design ideas and inspiration from the spacecraft streamlined appearance, effectively reducing the impact of wind on the street, thereby reducing the poles sway chance to reduce the risk coefficient; using self-developed power supply and heat sink, heat dissipation area set aside 20% of the margin, guarantee long life led street lighting; a unique light distribution curve, can be equipped with intelligent control, radar and other functions.  addition, streamlined design, making the product surface is very smooth, easy accumulation of debris, so the latter part of the maintenance work can be simplified.He also mentioned that the product price less than 10 yuan per watt, with strong market competitiveness, and received praise at home and abroad customers. backpfrontp Currently, the products have been used in Shaoguan City Comprehensive Administration, BDO Shenzhen Qianhai Ming Culture Investment Co., Ltd. Dalian Branch, thousands of fate landscape Engineering Limited Hainan, Guilin Esquel Textile Co., Ltd., Guizhou Aipulier photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (Jin Mao Group), Guangzhou Bai Lead Electromechanical Co., Ltd., the customer response is very enthusiastic.