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Hang Optoelectronics Listed Three New Board Approved A Gross Profit Growth Point Of The Filament Lamp

Apr 20, 2017

 LED stadium lights Xuchao Peng Recently, a veteran of packaging manufacturers Hang SOLARPOWER listed three new board approved, at the same time, it will continue to introduce from 2014 a filament lamp of the products have become the industry's concern It focuses. According to the engineering LED stadium lighting learned, Hangzhou Branch was established in 2006, the main product types are line, patch, high-power light source and a light engine modules and other products, while LED filament lamp as Hangzhou Branch of new in 2014 downstream applications, the current application status is good, and improve gross margins, the patch can better make up traditional business suffered shock. backpfrontp Earlier in an interview, Dr. Gao Jiwei Hang SOLARPOWER technical director also said that Hang SOLARPOWER filament lighting efficiency has exceeded 200lm / W, and having a healthy eye blue zero leakage characteristics in the market well received by customers. 'Public transfer instructions' backpfrontp Hang SOLARPOWER disclosure of Hangzhou Branch main products into packaging products and applications products two categories, which encapsulates products include SMD LED, DIP LED, power LED and a light engine modules and other high power LED flood light application products, compared with the filament lamp filament and LED. backpfrontp wherein SMD LED become the main source of income Hangzhou Branch of the reporting period, in 2013, 2014 and 2015 January-May SMD LED revenue accounted for the proportion of main business income was 54.29%, 65.55% and 48.82% . Meanwhile, LED filament and filament lamps 1000W LED flood light sales increased rapidly during the reporting period, 2015 1 \u0026 mdash; in May, two products reached 18.64 percent in total revenue accounted for. the main business income backpfrontp SMD LED backp reporting period is the industry's most mainstream products, in recent years, intense market competition, rapid price decline in product margins continue to be squeezed. In this context, the company will gradually shift the focus of the production and operation of the filament, filament lamps and other high-margin products, and orders for SMD LED tunnel lights product structure optimization. Transfer instructions mentioned. backpfrontp data show that from January to May 2015, Hang SOLARPOWER SMD LED arena lights gross margin was 21.99%, while the filament lamp filament and gross margin as high as 36.54% and 36.91%. backp major product categories during the reporting period gross margin backpfrontp Meanwhile, Hangzhou Branch of the filament lamp with a unique 360-degree circumference optical technology, and use its own PCT international patent technology, the development of the glass substrate, single package No blue light LED high bay lights leak filament and filament lamp products, and from 200lm to 1055lm of traditional incandescent full range of alternative products. backpfrontp company's LED packaging products are the industry's mainstream product form, LED packaging industry in recent years, rapid development, future broad market space. Currently, LED tennis court lights packaging technology, and products are more mature, the risk of large-scale technology upgrades or product updates do not exist, in the foreseeable future, Flip-chip (flip chip), CSP (chip scale package) and other technologies may obtain industry Breakthrough, and the company of such technology in the field has a certain accumulation, the future will continue to follow the situation according to changes in market demand. 'Public transfer instructions' last mentioned. backp