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Handsome, Intelligent LED Lighting Portable Circular Downlights Contested Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Awards---OAK Led Flood Light

Sep 27, 2016

 [Text / Engineering LED Gan Qin Recently, the organizing committee from the Golden Globes Engineering LED Lighting Co., Ltd. Shenzhen round Shuai (referred to circle handsome lighting) informed that the company will carry LED intelligent barrel Lamp LED Downlight class compete for this year's Best of the Year Award.stadium-lights backpfrontp round handsome lighting is committed to the development of LED lighting industry, focused LED lamp, bulb, candle lamps, lamp and other products and research and development, the company has been adhering to user needs-oriented, providing customers with quality products,led-stadium-light at the same time but also for factories, supermarkets, airports, hotels, office, large garage and other projects to provide the most cost-effective lighting retrofit program. backpfrontp promotion round Shuai Tang Jijun, director of the lighting market, high-power-led-flood-light said the election is a smart LED downlight lighting lamp according to the color change of the color temperature, color temperature can be traditional single into three Seji (white, warm white, neutral white). Under the control of a single switch, according to progressive change. backp round handsome lighting LED downlights backpfrontp Tang Jijun intelligent color presentation,1000W-LED-flood-light which uses high-efficiency LED lamp beads, using two different color temperature lamp beads arranged method of cross-cutting ceremony discharge lamp board board design. In addition, the product uses high efficiency LED driver power supply constant current isolated power scheme,RGB-led-flood-light high precision constant current, the output of single-chip computer control, and product change photochromic function, the conversion process continuous switching interval time is only 3-5 seconds. backpfrontp compared to monochrome LED downlight,led-tunnel-light LED downlight can achieve a light color Sanko effect, light color can change with the use of the environment and the use of widely. Tang Jijun said that the product can be adjusted according to the needs of users at any time,led-bay-light which greatly changed the traditional lamp renovation program, saving the cost of renovation. backpfrontp Tang Jijun said, discoloration downlights high cost, the cost of the entire lamp and a traditional downlight with power price or less,led-road-light in addition, the product improve service, three-year warranty. According to reports, the product is a market, the favorite of consumers. So, this product is able to get in this year Engineering class LED Downlight Product of the Year Award in the success of it? Look forward to!