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Han Optoelectronics: High-speed Automatic Wire Bonders Compete For The Golden Globes 2015 Engineering

Nov 29, 2016

 Han Yue Motte Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is invested by Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd. was founded,stadium lights the company's main HAN \u0026 rsquo; S series high-speed solid crystal screen, high-speed Automatic line wire bonders, SMD-speed sorting machines, high-speed SMD loading machine and other products. In the LED stadium light industry has a certain reputation, and HAN \u0026 rsquo; S 5201S is the main push of this year, Han photovoltaic wire bonders. backpbackpfrontp HANS-5201S speed automatic SMD gold / copper wire bonders are Han photoelectric completely independent development platform for high-end linear motor automatic wire bonders, wire bonders period is less than 50ms.high power led flood light It has a motion control system, the state head control and drive, EFO + NSD, an ultrasonic transducer drivers and other core bonding module. backpfrontp It is understood, HANS-5201S motion control system, the characteristics of wire bonders motion platform custom advanced control structures and algorithms, to ensure high accuracy and stability under high speed and high acceleration.1000W led flood light The high-speed high-precision XY motion platform, using a custom linear motor. In the visual system, using completely self-designed optical lens system to achieve a single continuous optical zoom, and dual optical continuous zoom function.Speed precision and high reliability,led bay light high cost. Han photoelectric marketing channels to the relevant person in charge of Engineering LED, Han optoelectronic devices with superior performance, simple operation, high stability, timely service and other advantages. Currently Guoxing,led tunnel light Peter Tong, Yang and others have in light volume use. backpfrontp Han photoelectric HANS-5201S is also involved in the 2015 annual Golden Globe Award in Engineering,tennis court lights hope this product can be won Golden Globe.