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Guoxing R \u0026 D + Fozhao Channels + OSRAM Brand? Rising What Chess In The Next Plate ---oak Led Stadium Floodlight

Nov 09, 2016

 Foshan Lighting yesterday's announcement, the company's largest shareholder --OSRAM GmbH, Guangdong Province Electronic Information Industry Group signed a Share Purchase Agreement, valued 2.621 billion yuan will be 100% the transfer of shares to the latter, after the completion of the transaction, Guangdong Province Electronic Information Industry Group has become the largest shareholder of Foshan lighting. Reporters learned that Guangdong Province Electronic Information Industry Group of Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, which in turn belongs to the Guangdong SASAC supervision of state-owned enterprises, so this would mean that by the foreign Foshan Lighting OSRAM Holdings exactly 11 years later, re-embrace of returning capital background. It is worth noting that Rising asset is also another LED stadium light industry chain enterprises - Foshan country star power of actual control. And after the completion of this transaction with OSRAM, Rising company has entered the country, directly or indirectly, two large LED manufacturers. So, the next to go Rising is how a move? It represents the national team who will be how to continue stimulating domestic stadium lights industry reshuffle? Foshan Lighting After replacing the first shareholders, business development will usher in what situation the situation? Industry insiders are speculating. Rising businesses looking to the sea for its national satellite channel + R \u0026 D + Fozhao OSRAM brand, today there is the circle of people to replace the Fozhao shareholder events make such a view. In fact, this view seems at this stage is still one-sided, OSRAM only sold some shares held according to the Buddha, is not associated with the sale of the brand. Anonymity lighting industry insiders said so. In fact, this Rising acquisition event with the previous OSRAM intends to 6.9 billion yuan of cases sold lighting division currently has no association, but Osram simple sense in Fozhao transfer of shares, that view is more like the industry to Rising a guess the future development path. But the industry this idea is completely correct, also in line with the general direction of future industrial integration. The insiders mentioned. In fact, just this year, the acquisition of Mason Auman, this is to find high power LED flood light products to the sea, why should the acquisition of Philips Jinsha River, a patent cross-licensing in order to carry out this integration in the LED industry chain is a very necessary thing. The industry analysis Road. The same door Foshan enterprises Language (reporters had been Chancheng District, according to the Buddha and country star opposite look on Fenjiang, but 100 m apart), according to the Buddha and Guoxing before this event, early in close cooperation, and this special relationship by the Rising capital, future joint degree between the two is bound to be further strengthened. It is understood that, in addition to Foshan country star power, as well as Rising Group, a subsidiary of Guangdong Guang Sheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Guangdong ingot Seiki Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, South Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. and Henan Rising tech Investment Co., Ltd. these companies in the business scope or actual operations involved in both 1000W LED flood light components, production and sales of lighting products. R \u0026 D, according to the Buddha channel Guoxing, plus the industry has unlimited YY OSRAM brand, if Rising capital to achieve convergence of these three factors, it will be the future of LED industry a force to be reckoned with. The insiders mentioned. Fozhao will break OSRAM OEM trap reporters access to information, before October 2003, the largest shareholder of the Buddha according Foshan City Industrial Investment Management Co., Ltd. 23.97% stake, state-owned shares. In 2004, Foshan City, establishment of the SASAC, the part state-owned equity transfer to Foshan SASAC. August 31, 2004,led tunnel light 23.97% stake in Foshan SASAC holds Foshan Lighting is divided into two parts, of which 13.47% transfer to the acquiring company OSRAM and Prosperity newly established Hong Kong OSRAM PROSPERITY, the remaining 10.5% is assigned to the Hong Kong Prosperity, transfer a total price of 678 million yuan. So far, Osram became the actual controller of Foshan Lighting 2004 years ago, the lighting industry and recession, then Osram has just entered the Chinese market soon, OSRAM can not feed off from Siemens headquarters, must find domestic OEM companies, in order to lower prices ,led arena light therefore Fozhao signed when shares 'light product purchase contract', OSRAM find Fozhao be OEM, according to the Buddha by means of awareness and Osram's orders, both what they want. According to some industry sources. At the time of China's lighting market, according to the Buddha a lamp costs about $ 5, 8 yuan Philips, OSRAM is close to 10 yuan, the three technology is not very different, according to the Buddha after shares, Osram lamp base price purchase Fozhao , coupled with his lighthouse, put your own label, so Osram will soon have to compete with Philips' cost, but also for OSRAM expansion in the Chinese market has laid a foundation. GGII senior analyst Lee germinal mentioned. In fact, when OSRAM in addition to benefit from the rapid development of China's prospects for the lighting industry itself outside, and Foshan Lighting cooperation is not unrelated. However, after the White Osram, we suddenly find that OSRAM China Lighting business bigger, and our own brand and market advantages but gradually weakened. Originally hoping OSRAM technology bigger and stronger we seem to fall into the OSRAM OEM maze. OSRAM commitment \u0026 lsquo; the timely provision of LED lighting technology to Foshan led bay Lighting \u0026 rsquo; so far failed to achieve. Foshan Lighting a departing staff told reporters. After this from OSRAM, according to the Buddha would surely get rid of OSRAM OEM puzzle in a way, in order to reshape its own brand, by virtue of the company's state-owned Rising background, even in the future or will acquire OSRAM Lighting Division The possibilities, in \u0026 lsquo; LED street lighting gradual localization \u0026 rsquo; under the industry background, to usher in a better opportunity for development. The insiders mentioned. Previously, Osram (OSRAM) has decided to sell its generic lighting business, Osram General lighting business (including debt) worth up to 1 billion euros (equivalent to about 6.893 billion yuan). Domestic BDO Runda, the sun lighting, etc. has been speculated that companies are potential buyers. But so far, only the parent company of Shanghai Yaming's Feile Audio-Visual (600651.SH) announcement of the OSRAM General lighting business interest and issue non-binding offer, just today, Feile Audio-Visual announced the hiring of HSBC as the acquisition of OSRAM lighting exclusive international financial consultancy business projects. For OSRAM gets, Engineering LED will continue to follow up reports \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip;