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Guangyu Lighting: High-power Street Lamps And Mining Lamps Engineering Compete For The Golden Globes

Nov 01, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] 2015 Golden Globe LED stadium light Engineering registration is still in full swing. Shanxi Guangyu Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangyu lighting) will bring its high-power lamps, mining lamps to compete for Best of the Year Award. backpfrontp Guangyu street lighting, tunnel lights and power of mining lamps and other products from research and development to technology, from the brand to the market have been the industry experts, user acceptance, high power LED flood lights have been in a number of key national municipal road improvement project Very good application feedback. backp built-in replaceable light source modular street backpfrontp It is understood that the built-in replaceable light source is modular street lighting Guangyu made a new green power 1000W LED flood light outdoor lighting fixtures, lamps and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, resistance to heat good sealing performance. The lights imported high quality brand more stars SMD light source, more stars light source arrangement effectively solve the heat problem focus, color rendering index of 70 or more, the entire lighting efficiency of up to 95lm / w, no adverse glare or flicker. backpfrontp Guangyu Lighting marketing manager, said that the street used to design efficient and transparent glass lens, the irradiation range led tunnel lights, illumination uniformity fully meet the 'city road lighting design standards' requirements. In material terms, light body with high thermal extrusion profiles drawn from, and surface anodizing, corrosion-resistant. It will not produce noise,led bay light use of sophisticated electronic equipment for the occasion as a good choice. He said. backp mining lamps GY320GKbackpfrontp addition, Guangyu lighting mining lamps GY320 is external power supply structure, good heat dissipation; reasonable structure, beautiful breaking the traditional led stadium floodlight appearance, flexible installation, you can manually adjust the angle, adjustable angle of up to 180 degrees, suitable for factory, gymnasium lights, pier billboards, buildings, parking and other needs of a wide range of lighting; lighting for the urban landscape and construction machinery spaces and facilities apply. backp