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Guangdong Chaozhou LED Lighting Exported To Australia Twice Been Returned

Jun 21, 2017

 Chaozhou Following a lighting export enterprises exported to Australia in June this year due to customer demand for LED lighting change change in the sales package to return, in July and the same number of export customers LED stadium lighting encounter return. backpfrontp order to meet customer demand and return change. In June, a lighting export enterprises should Chaozhou customer requirements, the export value of $ 354,816 in the number of high power LED flood light spotlights to Australia. The spotlight is customer brand licensing model dedicated customized insurance reform, the two sides agreed product packaging: packaging per 25 / group cardboard blister packaging, packaging cartons plus plywood trays and film strapping. The enterprise should be shipped in small quantities to customer requirements after test marketing, the customer does not fit within the cardboard plastic packaging sales. 1000W led flood light The two sides reached an agreement after repeated communication, will return the entire cabinet change container sales package to suit market demands. Although the reason for the return backpfrontp customer needs change rather than product quality factors, but the product is targeted customer authorized to produce, export only specific customers in a weak export enterprises can only bear the cost of rework rectification, the original product profit margins have been squeezed. backpfrontp key parts not strict so that quality problems were returned. In July, LED tunnel lights the company has a number of LED spotlights value of $ 399,168 hit return. Due to the larger number of orders, the increasing number of transistors required for key parts, privately replenish their stocks to other non-verified suppliers through quality suppliers insufficient supply, and transistor mixed from different sources through the company's acceptance, And the company did not detect the cause of product quality problems production. The batch triode LED areana lights about 300,000, are required to be returned after the recall, and the spotlights triode non-destructive sorting rectification, business losses. backpfrontp Chaozhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the relevant export enterprises, first to quality standards and market demands be considered when agreements with brand customers, LED high bay lights product quality requirements of large and small to product packaging, to fully communicate with customers, be designed to meet the quality standards of the importing country, but also to adapt to market needs; second is to keep the sense of quality and constantly strengthen management, product quality is the lifeline,LED tennis court lights do not overlook key parts supplier evaluation, spare parts acceptance of the use of other management areas, standardize enterprise management. backp