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Great Taiwanese Government To Rectify The LED Lights 64,000 Mercury

Feb 20, 2019

 Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Energy program to promote mercury sunset, Yunlin County, 19 towns will be LED stadium lights Taihuan 64,000 mercury lamp, a county government consultant Yanzhao Wen held a press conference, calling the county should have exclusive black clause, so that scandal involving the bad companies to avoid. Works county stressed whom according to procurement law, must open and transparent. backpfrontp county government adviser, Yunlin County Tourism chairman Yanzhao Wen pointed out, LED stadium floodlights tender fraud cases have occurred in several counties, Yunlin County's announcement last week to replace the project is completed, the tender is completed next month, but many village chiefs, grassroots elected representatives, the village chief did not know. backpfrontp He said that in order to eliminate the bad companies,high power led flood light guarantee construction quality Yunlin County, the county government to build your spirit abiding manufacturers, evaluate the merits of social image in procurement audit program, in line with expectations of the public to public authorities. backpfrontp Yanzhao Wen stressed that he did not bid, but speak up, I hope the county government use of resources. Lai Ming Deli Douliou long into the country said that even if the power 5 minutes,LED high bay lights the public has an urgent call-miles long, street quality is very important. backpfrontp Public Works Department Deputy Director Xu Hongbo said that in addition to four Tahu did not apply for the county, 19 townships applied for more than 64,000 lights, 35 watts, 70 watts, 105 watts, 140 watts and other specifications, Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Energy subsidy amount 4.7 million,LED tennis court lights the bidding is completed next month, completed in January 2017 ago. backpfrontp Xu Hongbo said that the procurement law does not clearly exclude bad image vendor specifications to determine if the manufacturers involved, will be suspended in accordance with the provisions of Article 101 Procurement Act; Public Works will site a list of bad companies,LED gym lights the department will strengthen the articulation, not bad Manufacturer checkpoints. backpfrontp Xu Hongbo stressed that mercury has a sunset program reads the township Shi Gongsuo directorate does not know, procurement notice is also online, the definition of black heart vendors shall have legal norms, the case on behalf of many people, to remind people, are happy to receive any comments, tender It must be open, fair and transparent. backp