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Grateful Heart 'salute Those Who Dream Stick' Will Premiere On LED Engineering

Jan 15, 2019

  LED zhuangao occasion of Thanksgiving, and the value end of the year drew to a close, Engineering LED in 2015 will continue to adhere to. December 11, 2015 --12 days, we are still waiting for 600 dreams embrace LED industry who adhere to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, we are also grateful the past seven years has been insisting with the Engineering LED high bay lights ride of my friends, is that you can go all the way to make LED Engineering. Years of nodes, both people feeling, but also inspiring. Engineering LED seventh birthday big lie (Party) also welcomed the new and old friends all industries meet again. When the LED stadium lighting industry Hot faded, the 2015, LED industry to adhere to those who still use their own unique interpretation of the spirit of the LED tennis court light, for business, for employees and for their entrepreneurial dreams quietly persisted. These winners high power LED flood light industry, who also is the industry adhere to the face of the rise of the market, they do not have quick success; in the trough of the market, they do not give up on themselves, they want to stick with, stick with the industry source, also stick the value orientation of the cause. We need more of those stick. Only in this way, we can see through healthy competition in the market, to promote the vigorous development of the industry, to create a more innovative business models meaning \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; thus pushing strong innovation and global LED street lighting industry in China and development of. We need more of those stick. Not only do they allow us to see the industry in the past, better to see the future of the industry; they have much wider field of vision, the industry will be able to get much space. It is in them that axes, frame of reference, in 2015 locates a shift in the growth stage of industry consolidation adjustment throes of a three superimposed stages of industrial ecology. We need more of those stick. In the space-time coordinates, and that they understand the position, clear direction, to find a way out, they are in the past so many years of persistence, pursuit and hard work, will have historical value indelible. Allen had a dream, and perhaps also the friends together to dream. That is what we choose to engage in LED airport lights, we will never regret it. When we look back in history, we know that we have to strive hard to achieve the dream of before. 2015 LED Engineering in heavy launch will 'pay tribute to those who stick to the dream' of videos, through the LED stadium floodlight industry from 2009 to 2015 changes, transformation, carding industry who adhere to pay the sweat and success and standing The new starting point the next three years, the prospect of future industry trends and opportunities. 1000W LED flood light Engineering Annual Conference final countdown 15 days, Allen invites you to Dec. 11-12 in Shenzhen and 600 industry new old friends, 23 keynote speeches + Golden Globe Awards, wafer, Huacan, Tongfang, InvenLux, Guoxing, Hongli, crystal sets, LUMILEDS, Jingke, Teng Sheng industry, there is research, Kang US special, constant faction prestige, Ming Wei, Igor, Bureau Valley, CITIC, Ming City, Hyun Shuo, three male, sun, wood Linsen, quadruple, Kamei, Guangyu and other leading enterprises keynote speech, more lighting brand gathered more than 200 appearances. Annual Meeting last remaining 100 seats, the latest agenda click http://dwz.cn/2ecIRU registration or contact 13480624534 (Wang) for registration or scan the next Fanger Wei code: