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Government, Business, The Depth Of Participation In Society, The Global Smart City (Beijing) Summit Was Held In The Great Hall

Apr 25, 2017

 October 24 to 25, the guidance by the Economic Daily, LED stadium lights the 'economic' magazine sponsored global smart city-cum-hundred enterprise economic and technical cooperation meeting in malls (Beijing) Summit was held in Beijing's Great Hall, the National Industry and Commerce Shen Jianguo, former vice chairman of Union, the Ministry of former party members, LED stadium lighting chief engineer Zhu Hongren, vice president of Internet Society of China Gao Xinmin, China Media Group Vice President Wang Lu economy, 'Economy' magazine chief editor Chen Zhiqiang, the United States Cooperation Foundation Chairman Miller \u0026 middot; Wright, DAI Min, president of the Indonesian business representatives in China, Indonesia Tai Group President Guo Shaoxing, Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Malaysia Klang Niang, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. backpbackpfrontp General Assembly of the new city of the future, to find and release a new impetus to the development as the theme to discuss government involvement,high power led flood light policy support, market operation model, emphasizing the government, enterprises, full participation in society, innovative smart city development model, in order to crack smart city projects and financing landing Dilemma. backpbackpfrontp As the leaders said, the wisdom of urban construction has been the historical trend can not be avoided, is the need to adhere to long-term, and in this process,1000W led flood light we must not only overall planning, overall progress, and must play a decisive role of the market in resource allocation, encourage social forces to participate in the construction of social capital, the guide has the wisdom systems, artificial intelligence, product development and production of powerful enterprises play the main role in creativity. backpbackpfrontp At the meeting,LED tunnel lights the 'economic' magazine China Economic and Technical Cooperation wisdom founded the city over the same period, followed by the OECD will sign a memorandum with the local governments, international organizations, joint development fund set up to promote the global sharing of resources, for the wisdom of urban expansion provide financial support.LED tennis court lights the same time, economic and technical cooperation organizations in China Smart City also issued a 'China Smart City Investment Environment Report' and '2800 Project report', and named its 2015 Chinese wisdom of the city's most investment potential award value and wisdom of 2015 China Urban Construction business model. ZTE Corporation, China Intelligent Transportation Systems (Holdings) Ltd Highway Group, LED high bay lights Beijing Bo Yu Mastery Technology Co., Shanghai and other 15 enterprises eligible reconsider the wisdom of China Urban Construction 2015 demonstration Honor title. backp