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Golden Globes Final Votes Publicity (not The Most Exciting But Buy Buy Buy Shots And Vote)

Apr 26, 2017

  [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] for a period of 40 days of the 2015 Golden Globe Award for Engineering LED stadium lights micro-channel voting ended in a discussion of the sound of the uproar. Golden Globes committee began an intensive and detailed statistics of votes stages. backpfrontp I found that the actual number of votes out of the votes and the voting public system shows some discrepancies, looking for the organizing committee to ask questions,stadium lighting but was not without grievance committee informed: brush votes arrogant, heavy workload ah ! backpfrontp hey, you look at the Golden Globes last night, final votes yet? at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn, corporate leaders have asked the author, because the day before coming to Hong Kong exhibition, and did not see the final voting results, do not know the final Are there people a night in the brush votes. backpfrontp Oh, the Golden Globes this vote ah, really nerve-racking. Always someone with the author said. Both so and so who is complaining about it in the brush votes, so who lose confidence in it \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; I can only shrug, high power led flood light expressed frustration. Engineering LED Golden Globe Awards Organizing Committee has voted to set up a micro-channel threshold, repeatedly warned us not brush votes, but the votes have been looking at some companies thousands of votes per hour speed Cengceng rub up the run, also reluctantly shook his head. backpfrontp course, there are companies in the organizing committee of the Golden Globes after receiving the warning, to stop the act of brush. Another company executives to come up with a cell phone to see the author, I am following people are complaining,1000W LED flood light people votes up so fast, how we do not move. The author repeatedly hand, this approach is your right! Backpfrontp LED tunnel lights without any positive vote is a good thing, Engineering welcomed, but the endless brush vote on a bit too, which disclosed a violation of fair competition rules it named the game. This act of brush a few thousand votes more, not only to increase their company's financial costs (brush vote is to give money, right?), Returned to the organizing committee Engineering LED arena lights Golden Globe brings extra work (check real votes, delete invalid votes), this kind of thing, thankless ah. backpfrontp Engineering LED held the Golden Globe Award, designed to elect the industry's most critically acclaimed, quality and brand are the best products, fair and equitable always uphold the principle of open, free brush votes monarch can not break the rules broken golden goal authoritative Awards. backpfrontp micro-channel voting has ended,led tunnel lights November 6 organizing committee will announce the final shortlist. Able to get the last Golden Globe, as well as the final judges vote and vote this off-site customer (will be released on November 6 when the announcement of the finalists will be on-site voting rules) after the finalists. I thought, bribed judges such things should not happen, right? Backpfrontp the meaning of the Organizing Committee has been brought, and finally put a big move,led high bay lights final votes publicity please Mengchuo here. backp