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Golden Globes Engineering Organizing Committee: Lamps Submission Deadline Will Be September 30

Dec 27, 2016

 2015 Golden Globe Award LED stadium lights Engineering business registration phase has passed, officially entered the micro-channel voting session. However, based on the special nature of the reference newspaper lamps options, companies need to stand for election of lighting products, sent to third-party testing organization organizing committee designated - Reed Testing International (LTL) for testing. backpfrontp purifying lighting market environment, make false product is nowhere to hide Engineering LED stadium lighting joint third-party authoritative testing organizations - Reed Testing International, launched CLEAR test plan in mind. Over the years, the plan also through practical action, to resist false propaganda commodities against inferior counterfeit products, hoping to provide consumers with healthy,high power led flood light high-quality lighting market environment. backpfrontp According to reports, this year's Golden Globe lamps Engineering enrollment options include bulb, straight tube lights, spotlights, downlights, panel lights, mining lamps, tunnel lights / street seven categories, according to G20-LED specification states: election 1000W LED flood light bulb, LED straight tube lights, LED downlight life of not less than 35,000 hours, LED tunnel lights spotlights life of not less than 30,000 hours. backpfrontp Further, the candidate products reach G20 specification two indicators were to enter a candidate,tennis court lights specification requirements are as follows: backpbackpfrontp lamps enrollment this year, most of the companies have reached the above requirements, BYD, for example, companies involved in the selection straight tube lamp color temperature of 4000K, the entire lighting efficiency reach 130lm / W, CRI up to 85; their participation in the selection of the panel light color temperature of 4000K,gym lights the entire lighting efficiency 120lm / W, CRI up to 86; in addition to a miner's lamp, color temperature 4200K,LED arena light the entire lighting efficiency 110lm / W, CRI 80. backpfrontp However, on inspection of the progress of view, most companies currently being examined, and the way some companies are still censorship, Engineering Organizing Committee reminded the Golden Globes, for the submission of yet companies need to seize the time, Lamps submission will close on September 30. Attached hereto submission information