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Golden Globe Micro-channel Voting Countdown Last 6 Hours Must Have Something To Tell You!

Mar 29, 2017

 Lasted a good half of the 2015 Golden Globe Engineering Product Award micro-channel into the countdown to the last day of the vote already. Stadium lights off at 15:00 on October 26, the total number of Golden Globe poll vote micro-channel has more than 420,000 votes, election products / case of 140. According to the organizing committee said backpfrontp Golden Globe, Golden Globe micro-channel voting tonight 23:59:59 deadline, LED stadium light when the voting system will be shut down. Meanwhile the organizing committee also hopes that all candidates in the last day of the countdown enterprises to strictly abide by the Golden Globes are still voting rules. backpfrontp enterprises to adopt unfair means to avoid brush votes, the committee decided to find if there are companies using unfair means in the last day of brush votes will immediately cancel its selection qualifications, and publish their company name. backpfrontp Engineering LED tunnel lights Golden Globe Award since 2010, has been held five times, designed to encourage businesses to launch better products, technology innovation and brand building. It has gradually become the industry's most authoritative, the most open and transparent chief contest, so there is LED high bay lights Oscar said. backpfrontp organizing committee said that as the micro-letter ballot votes determine the proportion accounted for 70% of the finalists in the micro-channel voting phase, the committee found that corporate income after verification of voting, many cases of illegal behavior brush votes appear, the committee has been to these The company issued a warning letter,high power led flood light while the organizing committee in the micro channel Voting ends after a rigorous examination of each ticket, and which does not conform deemed invalidated the voting rules. backpfrontp committee reiterated that a case will be considered invalidated: backpfrontp 1, candidates for their own employees where the business vote; backpfrontp 2, non-LED arena lighting industry chain-related enterprises; backpfrontp 3, voting registration information is incorrect. backpfrontp 4. For dissuade invalid enterprises, the organizing committee will cancel the award qualifications. Voting ends after backpfrontp, the committee will carefully review, after excluding invalid ballots, the final vote will be announced Oct. 29 the case. Organizing committee official said the final top three finalists in each individual list of companies will be November 6 through RGB LED flood light Engineering website, Engineering LED micro-channel public number, etc. available to the public. backp