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Golden Globe After Superseding The COB To Flip Leather Metal Halide Lamp Life

Jan 17, 2019

 ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED Xiong Yuheng With the growing popularity of LED stadium lighting, all of the LED package of optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical structure all put forward new and higher requirements. In recent years, LED stadium floodlight device innovation, upgrading faster. Among these, COB package with its excellent light color quality, thermal performance, low cost and ease of use, more and more favored by the market. backpfrontp stage, COB replace conventional metal halide there is a corresponding performance deficiencies, because COB light source center light intensity can not exceed Halide, \u0026 lsquo; penetration \u0026 rsquo; inadequate. Therefore, we chose to high power LED flood light, large light emitting area of COB, however, the structure is easy to be caused in the secondary optical flux loss is large, in order to avoid the adverse effect, the design of high-power, small light-emitting area of the light source is necessary COB . Yang Fan, general manager of the same party representation. backpfrontp same party based on the market demand, continue to devote themselves to research and development, its high-power,1000W LED flood light, high-density, small-emitting surface COB products have been produced. Where high optical density flip-chip COB, no gold wire bonding does not exist according to crushed lamp risk, low thermal resistance to high-power light source arranged dense, small light-emitting surface of the LED tennis court light in favor of the second secondary optical design. backpfrontp Yang Fan reports, the same party high power and high luminous densities series COB light source, the main push-emitting surface \u0026 Phi; 7.4mm, \u0026 Phi; 11 mm, \u0026 Phi; 14 mm three power range 12 ~ 80W, color rendering index of at least 80, up to 95 above. Have a good narrow-angle beam angle design conditions, LED gym light intensity comparable to metal halide lamp, energy-saving more than 50%, can be the perfect alternative to metal halide. backpfrontp Not long ago, the same party to purchase a number of new high-precision automatic solid crystal machine, in order to further expand its packaging capacity. And the purchase of a new machine equipment, expansion direction will mainly focus on the company's core product COB: COB aluminum mirror traditional LED high bay light sources and coming high-density ceramic flip COB light source. backpfrontp flip COB biggest advantage is the use of non-gold wire package, greatly enhance the reliability. At the same time, a low voltage, high brightness, high saturation current density, etc., the same chip area, the greater the flip chip can carry current. The program produced COB flip highest power density of up to 3 to 10 times the power density of ordinary COB light source. Yang Fan mentioned. backpfrontp as one of the latest flip COB CF series with high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, the maximum power density of up to 100lm / m. It is understood that the COB product not more than five in the country are doing, because it requires a strong technical accumulation of large investment funds, so there is not a small technical barriers, and where the same party is one of the few to master the core technology enterprise. backpfrontp Earlier, on the same side with the CF series of high optical density ceramic flip COB, successfully nominated Golden Globe Engineering LED airport lights (COB device class). backp same side CF series of high optical density ceramic flip COBbackpfrontp Product parameters: backpfrontp luminous efficiency: 80-120lm / W; backpfrontp CRI: 80-95; backpfrontp center illumination: can reach or exceed Halide; backpfrontp glare: no backpfrontp life: 20000-50000 hours backpfrontp violet content: None backpfrontp intelligent control: optional control backpfrontp Applications: backpfrontp downlights, spotlights, PAR lamps, track lighting and so on. backpfrontp market competitiveness: backpfrontp the COB light source with high power and high luminous density characteristics, the main push-emitting surface \u0026 Phi; 7.5mm, \u0026 Phi; 10.2 mm, \u0026 Phi; 13.5 mm three, power range 60 ~ 120W, CRI 80-95 between. It has a pretty good angle narrow beam angle design conditions, light intensity metal halide can reach the center, saving more than 50%, is an alternative to metal halide light source is a good choice. backp