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GMY Will Carry GMY-LED Filament Bulb Contested Engineering Golden Globes--led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 02, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin In recent years, the domestic LED stadium lighting companies to invest LED filament lamp still enthusiastic. backpfrontp Recently, Heshan GMY Lighting Appliance (referred GMY) Golden Globe Engineering R \u0026 D Manager Li Hanyao to the organizing committee said, the company will carry GMY-LED filament bulb contested Engineering 2015 Product of the Year Award . backpfrontp GMY was founded in 1998,high power led flood light is a professional manufacturer of electric light high-tech enterprises, the company focused on energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, stable development of lighting products, production and marketing. An annual output of hundreds of millions of electric light source 1000W LED flood lighting products, the products are exported to Europe and other dozens of countries and regions, it has become one of the fastest growing brands of electric light industry enterprises. backpbackpfrontp Li Hanyao introduced GMY BinChengli light value,led tunnel light in terms of environmental protection, health, quality of life, provide consumers with a new life experience, as a consultant consumer wisdom of life, and thus enhance the quality of human life, light change the world. backpfrontp Li Hanyao noted that this company GMY-LED bay light filament bulb color temperature of 4000K, the entire lighting efficiency of 125lm / w, color rendering index \u0026 gt; 85. The product technology development, to solve because the driver installation space is narrow and insufficient cooling of the problem, and mastered the filament strip packaging technical problems and burning glass bubble blister difficult technical problems.led arena light Lamp technology meets the safety requirements of IEC, in line with EMC requirements. backpfrontp Lihan Yao said that from the market point of view, LED filament bulb with the development of technology to reduce the cost of LED lighting, thus enhancing the competitive advantage of LED lamps and traditional lamps, LED lighting in favor of ordinary families. On the other hand, LED filament bulb lighting fixtures for full compliance with the consumer habits of understanding. GMY-LED filament bulb 6W product can replace 60W incandescent products, whole lamp appearance of new, closer to the traditional incandescent lamp, the people likely to be accepted. Li Hanyao says. backp