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Global Horticulture Market Capacity Will Reach 60.65 Billion US Dollars Plant Lighting A Large Space

Aug 02, 2017

  Data show that global demand for market gardening supplies in the long term steady growth, in 2007 the global market gardening products industry capacity has reached $ 44.03 billion, affected by the 2008 financial crisis, the 2009 global market gardening supplies contracted,LED stadium lights but not shrink. With the global economy to pick up, gardening supplies industry market gradually pick up. 2015 global horticultural products market capacity will reach 60.65 billion US dollars. backpfrontp gardening (horticulture), namely garden cultivation (gardenhusbandry), fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plant cultivation, breeding and production operations. LED stadium lighting It may accordingly be divided into fruit gardening, vegetable gardening and ornamental horticulture. backpfrontp gardening supplies are used in the production of everyday articles of gardening in general, depending on its use, it can be divided into hand tools gardening supplies, irrigation class gardening supplies, machinery gardening supplies, decorative gardening supplies and gardening supplies materials class Wait. backpfrontp LED grow lights advantage as gardening supplies high power LED flood light can simulate specific spectral composition of sunlight, which is already widely recognized by academic studies of plants. backpfrontp It is understood that, in the plant kingdom, dominated by green plants in all photosynthetic organisms release oxygen, chlorophyll leaves the body to absorb sunlight has two peaks, which are 440 nanometers and 680 blue zone Nano near the red zone, one in the blue region, one in the purple area, and for the green light at 500-600 nm absorption is small, so we see basically green plants. 1000W LED flood light chip emitting a single, growing need to provide specific red and blue light spectrum directly to the plant, and therefore very efficient. Blu-ray wavelength of 440-490 nm, can promote leaf growth; 600-700 nm wavelength red light, helps flowering and extend the flowering period; violet wavelengths between 300-440 nm ultraviolet light, is to promote the plant form The main light pigment, and a direct impact on plants absorb phosphorus and aluminum elements and vitamin D, the formation of the stratum corneum, and dry matter accumulation. backpfrontp vegetables in the growth process, only absorb the sun's orange and blue-violet light, the light energy utilization rate is very low, so the traditional way by planting a large natural environment. But LED tennis court lights Grow Light is able to adjust according to the needs of different growth stages spectrum of different kinds of vegetables and vegetables. Lettuce, for example, when the lettuce just kind of go, you can not grow too high, then the blue more than red light should; on the contrary, in the latter part of lettuce growing, is its long leaves, it needs some more red light, less blue. backpfrontp LED gym lighting as a plant can be widely used in cultivation, tissue culture cultivation, plant factories, fields, promote plant growth regulating plant morphology and energy saving and many other advantages. Among them, plant factory set of modern biotechnology, information technology, artificial environment control and other high-tech in one, not only yield higher than land cultivation times, but also in the Gobi desert, island, even city water and other non-building production on the land, is also considered an effective technical means to solve future population, resources, environment and other issues. backpfrontp According to China Electronics News reported that the global LED high bay lights output from 2013 onwards has begun to show high growth momentum, increasing the size from ten million US dollars in 2014 to around $ 35 million, 2017 is expected to reach $ 300 million more. backp