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GGII: 2015 Research Report On China's Sapphire Industry (Sixth Edition)---led Stadium Lights

Dec 16, 2016

[Engineering] LED stadium lights zhuangao frontp With the growing popularity of LED applications, in particular the outbreak of the LED lighting market, driven by the rapid development of LED industry. Benefit from this, in recent years, China LED stadium lighting sapphire substrate industry was developing rapidly. LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) statistics show that in 2014 China LED sapphire substrate industry market scale reached 1.77 billion yuan, an increase of 50%. backpfrontp 2015, the environmental impact by the market, LED slowdown in demand, coupled with increased competition within the industry, the annual industry growth is slowing down. Affected, GGII expects 2015 China LED sapphire industry market size will reach 2.15 billion yuan, revenue growth slowed to 22%. LED production and research backpbackpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) by the world's leading manufacturer of sapphire and sapphire epitaxial high power LED flood light chip manufacturer integrated research, combined with face to face interviews with industry leaders to collect a lot of first-hand information on the basis of the preparation the '2015 China Industry Research Report sapphire (Sixth Edition).' backpfrontp this report on the development of the characteristics of the sapphire market, competition, market size, scale downstream demand, the focus of business, investments and future market development and so a more detailed study and analysis. 1000W LED flood light production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) hopes practical and objective investigation, combing the pulse of the industry, mining industry development law for business decision-making, as well as institutional investors who want to learn sapphire industry to provide the most accurate The most valuable reports. backpfrontp Data Range Description: backpfrontp The report data range 2010-2020 backpfrontp want to buy the above report, LED tunnel light industry Second, non-LED industry backpfrontp Section sapphire industry equipment Brief  Chapter II: sapphire industry market situation and development trend analysis Section backpfrontp market situation and development trend of global industry analysis backpfrontp a sapphire, sapphire industry worldwide market size and forecast backpfrontp Second, the global sapphire industry competition pattern analysis Section China Sapphire industry market situation and development trend analysis led arena lights China sapphire industry market size and forecast analysis backpfrontp Second, China sapphire industry competition pattern analysis (a) the ingot market competition ii) market competition third substrate Section sapphire industry tennis court lights a market price analysis, cost analysis sapphire manufacturing backpfrontp (a) ingot manufacturing cost analysis backpfrontp (ii) substrate manufacturing cost analysis Second, Sapphire Ingot price analysis backpfrontp Third, sapphire flat sheet price analysis backpfrontp IV Sapphire PSS price analysis backpfrontp Chapter III: sapphire industry analysis of key enterprises Section backpfrontp international backpfrontp a sapphire analysis of key enterprises,led bay lights the United States Rubiconbackpfrontp Second, Russia Monocrystalbackpfrontp Third, the Japanese Kyocera Kyocerabackpfrontp Fourth, Japan Namiki Precision Jewelbackpfrontp five or six STCbackpfrontp Korea, South Korea Hansol Technicsbackpfrontp Section Chinese backpfrontp a sapphire analysis of key enterprises, Taiwan sapphire business backpfrontp (a) Taiwan trillion Yuan Technology backpfrontp (b) Taiwan Acme Electronics backpfrontp (c) Taiwan Xin Jing diamond backpfrontp (iv) Jingmei application backpfrontp (V) Taiwan Rui McNair Technology backpfrontp Second, the domestic enterprises sapphire backpfrontp (a) Harbin Ao Ruide Optoelectronics backpfrontp (b) of Yunnan aquamarine Technology backpfrontp (c) Xuzhou with Sintek backpfrontp (iv) Nanjing Beijing Optoelectronics backpfrontp (e) Jiang Su Yuanliang Technology backpfrontp (vi) Jiangsu Ji Xingxincailiao backpfrontp (vii) Chongqing Silian Optoelectronics backpfrontp (viii) Guizhou Haotian Optoelectronics backpfrontp (IX) Zhejiang Tiantonggufen backpfrontp three other domestic Profile backpfrontp Section sapphire crystal growth furnace industry focus business analysis backpfrontp a US GTATbackpfrontp Second, Zhejiang Yun Feng New Energy backpfrontp Fourth, Russia Apeksbackpfrontp Chapter 4: