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Gamers Welfare Came Blood Bottle LED Lamps Create Soft

Aug 02, 2017

 I wonder if you still remember from the start when, RPG props in the blood becomes a medicine bottle design, usually they are inside a glass bottle filled with a variety of colored liquids (mostly blue or red) The next lot of RPG works like this design. Many manufacturers have been introduced as a topic of a lot of goods, while businesses have recently put this blood props designed as a LED stadium lights. backpfrontp order can be placed on the table, this is named LED stadium lighting Potion Desk Lamp Lamp particular the use of the medicine on the narrow width design, rather than a long tube shape, height and diameter was 7 inches and 4 inches, weight to 1.5 pounds, the light-emitting effective distance of 5 feet. The bottom has a base, and more particularly to create a bottle fitted with a liquid effect, also has a cork top. backpfrontp In addition, high power LED flood light as a light-emitting function, no less, of course, but simply pressing a base will be able to change into red, blue, green, yellow four different colors, and can choose to maintain the same color or constantly change color, Coupled with light pastel tones in particular, on the home can add a little softer atmosphere. 1000W led flood light this little bottle may not look like much, but it's full of magic, you need to do is plug in the power, lighting with colors that will be able to create a magical feeling. N soft net ThinkGeek was informed that this product is currently on sale exclusively, as the price was $ 39.99 per cup (about 253 yuan). backp