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G20 Summit: Country Star Power Sen, Li Cheng Talk About The New Changes In The Industry---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 23, 2016

 Electrical engineering LED Gan Qin, general manager of country star backpfrontp Sen: to choose their own way have the opportunity to actually backpfrontp LED stadium light industry with other industries, to experience from immature to mature The tortuous process, LED industry as a whole is concerned is for the better, but the problems but a lot of microscopic, but it does not mean no chance. backpbackpfrontp business as long as choose their own way, they will have the opportunity, some large companies, may seek economies of scale, market share, brand, etc. These development mode, if that strength is not enough, there are also opportunity to choose some of the market little bit of market professionals, such as large companies do not go the way, maybe also live more moisture. backpfrontp country star power, deputy general manager Li Cheng: industry standardization backpfrontp 2015 began to fade in the industry is undergoing some changes. From the demand point of view, high power LED flood light package ends in July and August there have been off-season, in September began to demand to flourish. From the price in terms of the rate of decline is relatively rapid, probably dropped by 50%, which is a norm. backpbackpfrontp slow performance: in the early stages of development of various sectors to pursue advances in technology is a passion,1000W LED flood light but the recent 3-5 years, we have valued the cost price, so we are focused on cost reduction, in recent years can be seen the industry in a number of progressive technology products is relatively slow, and even appeared landslide, including some international companies have products recalled the case, indicating that the industry is not very healthy. backpfrontp trend towards standardization: the slave class can be seen in 2835 have been the original 3020,3014,5730,4014 basically gave almost hit, indicating that the industry show a standardized basic trend, but overall,led tunnel light standardized the road is still very slow, since each of the different equipment standards, resulting in production packaging plant will be done in accordance with different standards, so the end of the package is still very hard. backpfrontp display industry is a foregone conclusion: the point of view from the backlight has been stabilized,led bay light the market is almost full, although the cake is so big, but each company are doing all they try to steal .backpfrontp program changes quickly: from materials speak, that we mainly PCT material, now we need more current to reduce the number of devices, so we began to import a large number of EMC. backpfrontp CSP into a hot spot: CSP currently has a very big potential, but in terms of technology is not yet determined.Automation to be improved: the company mainly on automation including lighting bulb, lamp. From the industry point of view the package ends,led gym lights and the degree of automation of the chip is very low, there are only a few large international companies, before the formation of a fully automated production lines, future considerations based on labor costs, which will still be in demand.The new areas of the market are just getting started, but is difficult to support our large production capacity, including many companies are doing infrared, ultraviolet,led street lighting but this can only be a niche market, or even not yet liberalized market. backp