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G20 Record - Shares The Same Side, Sony Source To Talk About The Development Of The New Layout

Dec 22, 2016

 Tongfang executive vice president Liu Gang: ITES, Internet + is the future direction of landscape stadium lighting Tongfang still relatively stable this year, revenue reached 8 about million, our business, including chips, product applications, laser, there is backlighting. backpbackpfrontp in chips our main plant in Nantong, it is now from production, the scale is relatively stable, led stadium lights revenue in the first half of about four million, the only problem is in the profits, there is the phenomenon of shrinking, it may be next six months would be a little more serious, mainly because the price decline. Another reason is that the exchange rate losses, probably in August this offer seriously, because the chip we produce, sales are good, but this may affect the exchange rate of the net profit,high power led flood light in addition to last year with the acquisition of really bright side, revenue in the first half was really bright 050 million yuan, the main contribution is still in overseas conventional lights, functional lighting in the country is mainly pace than originally planned to be slower, but together is really bright and profitable in the first half of this year, all before really bright It is a loss in the first half profit is not particularly high, probably a few million, which is really bright future acquisitions, from corporate culture to adjust, or adjust production, technology is relatively little gratifying.landscape lighting is a strength of the same side, currently in this area, we basically use landscape 1000W LED flood light, may also add intelligent control, the concept of the future of the Internet +, basically some of the landscape of dynamic lighting, larger cities For example, there is demand in this regard, Hangzhou, Chongqing, etc., which in terms of the LED tunnel light source is the most appropriate, since the first of his strong power, and the second to facilitate the implementation of dynamic efficiency, in this area in the first half of this year the company achieved two million revenue. Zhang Qiang, executive director of backpfrontp Sony source: Overcoming obstacles talent and industry chain from the end of last year to the first half of this year, Sony led bay light overall situation was good in the first half the company substantially completed the restructuring of Sichuan able to vote, can vote in Sichuan SASAC below an investment platform, relative holding Sony light, and now our new corporate positioning is the state-owned enterprises. Look from the current situation of the company, we go forward in one direction, the next three to five years for the company in the technology sector will make some adjustments, first of all, we will continue to increase R \u0026 D efforts in terms of materials, especially our rare earth luminescent materials, LED phosphor and exchange LED arena light phosphors, followed in AC-LED phosphors development efforts focus on the development of our future; In the application, we are doing some intelligent lighting layout; In addition, we are patent and trademark arrangement, at present, we have completed the trademark layout more than 20 countries and regions of the patent portfolio, as well as 13 countries and regions. backpfrontp market, Sony light after doing engineering projects is relatively stable, the basic annual revenues of about 2 million,tennis court lights the future will rely on Sichuan Sony source able to vote in Sichuan platform to Sichuan as our outdoor projects is based on the layout and expand foreign markets, in addition we are also the layout of the recent international market. The downside is that, there is a problem Talents aspects of the company. In addition to the industrial chain, the whole industry chain is relatively weak, Sichuan Province. These two aspects is an obstacle to our development, then we will think of ways to overcome these obstacles. backpfrontp but the overall situation, the Sony source is gradually moving towards the right track, to the right direction in the development.