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G20-LED Lighting Summit Viewpoint Record - Union Optical, For Photoelectric LED Lighting Is Still Optimistic About The Prospects

Dec 16, 2016

 Union Optical president of Sun Ning: LED stadium lights still has great expectations for the Year backpfrontp LED industry is one of the oldest listed companies, but in fact LED only part of the whole business. In the stadium lights side, the proportion of lighting even less. In the backlight, modules and lighting, the current size of almost 10 million. backpbackpfrontp lighting are mainly packaging, downlights and engineering (EMC, PPP). In fact, LED street lighting are involved in every part of the basic point.  Lianchuang some adjustments in the business ideas, mainly wheel drive, in addition to the existing enterprises, mergers and acquisitions will increase the intensity. We also talked about lighting still want to continue to do, but in fact we still give a lot of led tunnel lighting expectations, M \u0026 A activity if some obstacles, they will put in front of that a little bit of each of these areas concentrated into a point to do. Zhang, general manager for the Optoelectronic backpfrontp ninety-six: growth in demand for large bulb transfer 51 percent this year,led bay light shares of the company to crystal Sheng Electrical, also introduced a new automated production line distributed. The so-called distributed is a piece of equipment is equivalent to a one workstation, through a variety of ways, in combination with the original equipment,led arena light and the price is not high, the price is very advantage. backpfrontp from now, we still focus on semiconductor lighting equipment, intelligent production lines, create intelligent plant, hugging Industry 4.0, providing intelligent equipment. In fact, we sell equipment from feel, this year the demand for a large bulb, and a large outbreak may be the end of this year we will launch next year. Why? Because it was discovered recently bought enthusiastic automated production lines,high power led flood light the previous line is a line to buy, now it is to lines 4,5, as well as to buy 10 of. This is mainly to traditional lighting enterprises. backpfrontp So, in my opinion, than traditional lighting transformation over the 1000W LED flood light industry veteran in the business, a lot stronger competition, but the main advantage is that channels and management, especially in the supplier management.gym lights We can learn from it. backp