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G20-LED Lighting Summit Viewpoint Record - Led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 21, 2016

 Marketing Director Zhou Xuejun: LED stadium light market is currently small power trench warfare backpfrontp foreign brands customer base is basically for overseas markets, but the device is mainly dominated by domestic companies. In April this year after being acquired 80.1% stake in Go scale Capital, one of the biggest help is from the cost of small and medium-power products to further improve competitiveness in the market,high power led flood light the market on the cover will be a great help in the application end will have some impact.  In fact, Go scale Capital and Philips strategic fit is very high, and we are looking forward to the transfer of shares to obtain new resources. Investment in research and development and patent protection, Philips also will continue to be supported. 1000W led flood light from the market point of view, this year the lighting market is not as expected, automotive lighting also slowed down the development of some mobile phone applications is still relatively stable, but growth is also slowing. The amount of new growth may be replaced, rather than new. From a technical perspective, the device's miniaturization is a direction for the future, which is caused by the cost-driven. The degree of integration of downstream applications will be increasingly high end, this is a requirement costs. Some technologies emerge, but not commercialized in the coming years depends on the market development, these technologies are not a universal application opportunities. more feasible and reliable,led tunnel light it is still based on the current annual material about 10% optical efficiency improvement, package structure, improve the performance of the phosphor. Now each company has in try some new techniques and new materials, but far not yet reached the level of the market. So I think the next one or two years or tug of war, not physical, physical bad will collapse. It is trench warfare, everyone in the strength to fight, fight scale, to fight consumption, does not work will be eliminated. backpfrontp Jing, general manager of Taiwan shares GONG: reducing the number of industry participation in the grain station shares the main job backpfrontp LED bay light display and lighting package devices. After almost three quarters of this year, the display device of this piece, the first half of this year on the basic plunges more than 50%. But one thing is good, that is, the amount of increase in LED arena light. Our company is also in short supply in the state, but did not get profit increased by the same magnitude. backpfrontp crystal table was set up seven years, annual revenues are doubled, but this year the profit did not reach the desired effect.From the market point of view, straight tube feeling is that fewer suppliers, peers also seems to be gradually reduced, customers are reducing the whole industry chain to play with are less and less. Volume lighting almost over 300 billion, but can not see a good business model and profit model. And if I itself from an outsider's point of view, the customer may not see a good profit point, but had to sacrifice some account of doing business with him. On the one hand trying to big business, on the other hand they feared that the big business, the heart is somewhat tangled. backpfrontp involvement in reducing staff, also must go through the shuffling process, to adapt to this change. I've done LED gym light for 20 years, not a bit sorry for myself. How to go next? I think on the one hand, or to do something to differentiate. On the other hand is the walk down, we have done two years ago to do a special panel lights companies, 100% export route to go, probably in revenue this year to reach around 5,6 million, cash flow is also good. Walk down a little bit, do point specialization, valuable things, and this is our way out.