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G20-LED Lighting Annual CEO Summit 2015 Conference Focused Industrial Revolution And Supply Chain Finance

Nov 11, 2016

 September 11, sponsored by the Engineering LED stadium light, the country star power (002449.SZ) hosted the G20-LED lighting annual CEO Summit 2015 in closed session Country star power held. G20 leaders, including members of the corporate executives Linsen (002745.SZ), the sun stadium light (600261.SH), Union Optical (600363.SH), Guangyu lighting, etc., to form a new pattern of closed-door roundtable discussion with supply industry Chain Finance. backp meeting site backpfrontp meeting, various business leaders in their own brief case, but also issued opinions on the current market. G20 member companies covering the midstream and downstream industry chain, the links, although their business is different, view of the market is surprisingly consistent: the market this year as expected, but the future is still to emerge. backpfrontp now, by the end we will find the beginning of the case and the idea would have some gaps. Engineering LED chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said. backpfrontp LED After years of rapid development, the decline in prices so that all people in the industry staggering. Division General Manager Lin Jiliang Linsen LED lighting and feel our helplessness :() lighting industry this year, shipments rose rapidly, but growth in profit no how. Sen as the top ten global high power LED flood light business,  problems encountered by other companies is even more obvious. backpfrontp doing doing discovered that fewer and fewer supply chain business, then find less and less peers, customers also. GONG Wen Jing, general manager of Taiwan shares raised, the number of overall participation in the reduction. On the surface, the number of participants less, shrink the size of the industry is not? But Dr. Zhang Xiaofei believe that this is indicative of 1000W LED flood light industry continues to mature. backpfrontp In fact, industry size and the market volume is not necessarily proportional to the number of participants. Quit the popularity of automation, small business, and gave other inventories down enterprises to provide more space. From our view, demand bulb is larger than last year a lot, Hangzhou, general manager Zhang ninety-six, said before the line compared to the purchase of automated production line as a unit, and now some companies are 2,3 bar even 4,5 bar automated production line requirements. backpfrontp LED tunnel light development backpG20-LED Lighting Summit photo industry member companies to now, people from within the industry eagerly awaited lighting the first year, up to now do say Full LED bay light is very hard to do. A lot of people a little tangled, a little hesitant, LED is do or not do? Backpfrontp Guangyu Lighting chairman Xu Fugui very firm, in recent years almost does not involve business Guangyu LED indoor lighting illumination, initiation into the interior lighting ideas. Hongli Opto-electronic (300219.SZ) constantly epitaxial acquisitions are for the reinforcement LED main industry, the layout of the LED +. Many Union Optical business, the second half is also actively layout lighting Internet +. Ding Hua, general manager of LED business group MOSO also positive that the company LED main business will not change. Sunshine gym light business has been more than 66%, and this year has been through ground gas activities to revitalize the dealer, to develop LED \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; backpfrontp G20 member companies leading enterprises are LED street lighting industry, their attitudes and decision-making in a very It will affect the whole industry to a great extent. More exciting content G20-LED lighting summit, Engineering LED will continue to report. backp