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Foshan Tovey Owed 180 Million Yuan On The Verge Of Collapse---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 06, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Huang Yaping] frontp one week focus backpfrontp funding crisis appears Foshan Tovey, money owed to suppliers about 180 million yuan. According to informed sources, it is Tovey owed suppliers more than 500, of which more than one million of debt, more than 80, the biggest victim was owed 12 million. backpfrontp Recently, sponsored by the Engineering LED stadium lights, the country star power (002449.SZ) hosted the G20-LED stadium lighting annual CEO Summit 2015, held a closed-door meeting at the country star power. G20 leaders, including members of the corporate executives Linsen (002745.SZ), the sun lighting (600261.SH), Union Optical (600363.SH), Guangyu lighting, etc., to form a new pattern of closed-door roundtable discussion with supply industry Chain Finance. Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Award September 17 into the micro-channel voting stage. backpfrontp market direction backpfrontp high power LED stadium lights production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) predicts that in 2015 the global LED market growth rate will reach 17 percent, China will maintain a 20% growth. In the case of fewer participants can stay and continue to play to accompany, even more precious. backpfrontp 2835 devices have become the LED industry chain, the most important standard components, production and research 1000W LED stadium lights Engineering Research Institute (GGII) survey data show that in 2014 had a market share of over half of 2835, while the 3528 and 3014 gradually out of the market. 2015 onwards industry is undergoing some changes. From the demand point of view, high power LED flood light package ends in July and August there have been off-season, in September began to demand to flourish. From the price in terms of the rate of decline is relatively rapid, probably dropped by 50%, which is a norm. backpfrontp 2015 1000W LED flood lighting industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions continue to simmer, set off a new round of mergers and acquisitions wave. Up to now, LED industry has been more than 25 cases of merger cases, the size of nearly 30 billion yuan. backpfrontp in Engineering chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei LED opinion, suppliers, peers, and even reduce the customer is not a bad thing, which is the industry towards maturity necessary stage. Customers reduced, but volume is increasing, he thought, so more conducive to the growth of high-quality customers. LED tunnel lights production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) senior analyst Li Sheng said that the current display market is already very mature, highly competitive, from the first half to see the traditional show business has basically no growth, a small pitch is one of the biggest highlights . backpfrontp listed company backpfrontp Liard announcement that intends to buy 100% stake in Li Feng culture Zhou and other counterparties together hold 10, and Jin Xiang Lan Xia et 9 counterparties together hold through the issuance of shares and cash way 99% of the shares, and to raise matching funds. On backpfrontp Kingsun announcement said it plans to change the remaining funds through all LED bay light interior lighting project, all raised funds remaining, LED outdoor lighting and landscape lighting projects all remaining funds, as well as part of the company liquidity Philips lumens indirect investments $ 100 million (equivalent to approximately RMB 655 million yuan) for the indirect acquisition of Philips lumen 6.15% stake. backpfrontp South photoelectric announcement that, in order to expand the company's business areas, speed up the development process of the company, to be invested RMB 4,272 million transferee Kehua 14.24% stake in Beijing Beijing Branch of the original shareholders. backpfrontp Absen announced that the company recently with the Beijing cloud moving Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.Chau Ming Technology announced that the company intends to own funds 2,777,800 yuan for Beijing Century Investment Co., Ltd. Ding Yuan capital increase, after the investment is completed, the company will hold a 10% stake century tripod yuan. backpfrontp large data As of now, there are 2,182 cases of Foshan led street Lighting announcement, compensate investors losses totaling 151 million yuan, HK $ 2.2683 million yuan, and bear the cost of litigation 2.5486 million yuan. Foshan Lighting announcement, as of August 25 this year, the company has 1,162 plaintiffs payment of compensation. LED production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) survey data show that the first half of 2015, LED outdoor lighting, power output value reached 580 million yuan, an increase of 20.8%, the growth rate has slowed. According to research to understand, prices fell by about 25%. \u0026 Mdash; \u0026 mdash; '2015 China's LED arena lighting drive power industry research report (6th Edition)' display. backpfrontp look overseas backpfrontp billion light September to October optimistic LED lighting orders, in order to meet customer demand price, Everlight LED chips dispersed sources of procurement, LED stadium lighting for the first time this year, the mainland LED chip adopted; LED industry, the economy and the fear of chaos, billion- the pace of new plant expansion plant light gong unchanged. backpfrontp Germany Heliospectra AB intelligent lighting technology research and development specialist Intelligent LED plant lighting eligible for the European patent. backpfrontp Indian government plans according to the needs of efficient lighting management plan (DELP) The LED bulb price from 300 rupees (contract 28.8 yuan), the average retail price cut to 44 rupees (contract 4.2 yuan). backpfrontp Recently, Philips announced the recall of 370,000 halogen bulbs because the bulbs or broken lens may suddenly broke off, causing scratches and burns. backpfrontp Recently, LED tennis court lights upstream chip maker Cree has introduced a life of 27 years (approximately 30,000 hours) and is priced at just $ 8 (about 51 yuan) LED bulbs. backp