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Foshan Tovey One Week Funding Chain Scission Events Further Fermentation

Jan 06, 2017

 one week the focus LED stadium lights zhuangao Foshan Tovey funding strand breaks incident is still fermenting. Prior Tovey lighting claiming United Plastics Group shares the Tovey lighting, many suppliers suffered conclude that blinded, causing losses to continue to expand supply, also called for the prosecution UPG some responsibility. However, Liansu Electric also released a statement saying, reach and Tovey lighting cooperation intention not United Plastics Group, but Liansu Electric, its also been deceived, provided the borrower become creditors. Recently, Engineering, Chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei LED on G20-LED stadium Lighting Summit that, to help the company more effectively (especially members of the business) to solve the funding chain issues, introduced the Internet Engineering LED supply chain financial model, namely financing business provide development sustained and stable financial support, to help enhance the competitiveness of its industries. Engineering 2015 Golden Globe lamps require candidates to send to the Organizing Committee designated third-party testing organization - Reed Testing International (LTL) for testing, it will end on September 30. Market direction LED lighting applications in urban rail transit promising broad prospects for development, it is the new blue ocean high power LED flood light market segments. While rail transport as an important window to showcase the city's image, but also the best LED tunnel light manufacturers image advertising, promotion excellent platform brand influence. Domestic lighting market almost Osram, Philips giant two full burden, and not take away the two chip giants, only sell the device. The two giants has the most extensive product line lights, and industrial resources in cooperation with the world's top automakers for many years, it is possible to do dominate the global market. Monopoly industries inevitably spawned a bunch of rich, difficult to enter the market segments they will mean higher margin, even if the current LED industry insiders started his lights in the field of domestic public packaging businesses, margins are already alarming. Wisdom lighting as an important part of the wisdom of the city, has also been highly relevant departments attach great importance to and vigorously promoted. Over the next five years, the market demand scale wisdom lighting will more than one hundred billion yuan, brought great business opportunities for the lighting technology industry. 1000W LED flood lighting industry development so far, cost reduction and efficiency improvement will allow the two driving forces of the industry value chain more reflected, LED tunnel lights industry should be integrated to form epitaxial chip, package, module or integrated light engines such suppliers. Listed Companies dry according to optical (300102.SZ): Notice that dry according to optical receive the fifth pen Xiamen Torch Zone today grants totaling 10.77 million yuan. Sum subsidy for the purchase of production subsidies LED blue, green wafer MOCVD equipment to offer. Sen September 25 announcement that recently received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange small plates Management Department sent 'on the mulinsen Ltd. 2015 semi-annual inquiry letter,' according to the Inquirer letter request, the Board has organized company Related People for high power LED flood light packaging and LED lighting market in the five cases respond. (Click to read the details) Jufei Optoelectronics (300,303) September 24 evening announcement, the company intends to set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the registered capital of HK $ 73 million yuan, international trade and investment activities and other business activities. LianJian photoelectric (300269), announced that the joint construction of two photovoltaic Board of Directors proposal, agreed to a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Investment Limited joint culture as a limited partner, respectively, of its own funds 26,000,000 yuan, 14.05 million yuan occupation Xinyu Austar Investment Partnership and Xinyu City Bor Investment Management Center. Wright announced that the company's actual controller and executives, program is selected from within the next three months starting September 23 holdings of company stock, the total amount of not less than 30 million yuan holdings,1000W led flood light holdings of the funds required by self made. Jiawei shares (300 317), announced that the company intends to Haitong Kaiyuan, Weihai state and other investors jointly set up the Hai Tong Qi Dong (Weihai) equity investment funds, equity funds invested a total commitment to not more than 1.5 billion yuan. Hongli Opto-electronic (300219), Sept. 25 announcement, said recently there is an invention patent has been granted a patent, and has achieved the State Intellectual Property Office issued a patent certificate related. Big Data in 2015, subject to market environmental impact, LED high bay light slowdown in demand, coupled with increased competition within the industry, the annual industry growth is slowing down. Affected, GGII expects 2015 China LED sapphire industry market size will reach 2.15 billion yuan, revenue growth slowed to 22%. According GGII survey data show that to the end of 2014, the country launched a total of 22 cities Urban Rail Transit operating line length 3173 km, of which, subways 2365 km, accounting for 75% share; rail 239 kilometers, 8% share; monorail 89 kilometers, occupying 3 %; Modern trams 141 kilometers, accounting for 4%; 30 km maglev transportation, 1 percent share; the City fast-track 308 km, accounting for 10 percent, China is has the potential to become the world's largest and fastest growing rail transit construction market . According to Taiwan's LED manufacturers message said that so far, 2835 LED arena light-- current Chinese LED packaging ISP recognized mainstream LED devices - due to overcapacity, its price has decreased by 50% to 60%. Look overseas recently, Germany DialogSemiconductor announced $ 4.6 billion in cash and stock acquisition of US peer Atmel chip industrial companies to expand product portfolio. North American major brands bulb into the price war killings, as the world's LED bulb hardest hit, but the decline is easing in August, according to market research agency statistics, the North American market, replace 40-watt, 60-watt bulb Both fell sharply to less than 5 percent, a drop of between 3.7 to 3.9%, also due to the North American market decline slowed, incentives in August of control within the global average decline of 2.3%. British Professional LED supplier Intelligent LED tennis court lights Solutions (ILS) announced Petunia development kit to help engineers develop new LED plant growth lighting system. Chennai, India, which has 48,034 LED lights has replaced internal roads and traffic thoroughfare of CFL bulbs and aging of sodium, a historic record.