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For Security Escort, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia Think Small Screen Spacing Police Traffic Control Corps Exhibition New Look

May 09, 2017

 Recently, the Shanghai think small pitch LED stadium lights display again appeared in Inner Mongolia Public Security Traffic Management team, and this is another important example of the pitch following the Think small screen and more commanding in Zhejiang, Shanghai and other monitoring applications after Shanghai also think a small pitch LED display further progress display screen layout of the national market. backpbackpfrontp Today's LED stadium lighting market, small pitch screen has begun to emerge, is widely used in many fields the size of the city, its prominent display to win the user's blown away. With a small pitch LED display technology advances, the more widely applied all walks of life; and as costs decline, the small pitch high power LED flood light display into civilian areas is not distant things. backpfrontp early in the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, think to build a small pitch LED display to return to Formula reentry spacecraft was successfully launched in achieved a lot and won highly praise the leadership base, and opened up a small pitch screen applications market Xintiandi ; and in the center of the monitor screen Jiangxi traffic is day and night, tirelessly guarded traffic safety, played a role in urban traffic unimpeded obscurity; a military campaign in Shandong Province training, operations center command system used to think 1000W LED flood light display screen plays an important role in the military soldiers daily training, field exercises and other projects, think their modest contribution to national defense and military development. Besides, think small pitch LED tennis court lights display also successfully used in many areas of government, electricity, urban planning, education, the courts, etc., the display is to get user acceptance, these are harbingers of a small pitch LED display has a broad development prospect. backpfrontp think small pitch LED display is equipped with exclusive research and development think control system, which is the vast majority of LED high bay lights display manufacturers in the industry do not have the advantage. Far more than hardware and software on the compatibility of products from different manufacturers, but also in everyday use, system failure are greatly reduced, which is also authorized users think, like to think of products important point. Inner Mongolia Public Security Traffic Management Corps little piece of P1.875 pitch LED tunnel lights display is also equipped with a control system to think twice, delicate screen display, flexible control performance, it is in the vast grasslands of the city, silently watching the security of the city ; while in the vast land of China, a small pitch LED arena lights display market is booming, LED industry will start another tide of development. backp