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Five More LED Lighting Related Group Standards

Jun 11, 2020

A few days ago, the China Illuminating Society issued an announcement announcing the "Lighting Engineering Cost Pricing Standards", "Automotive Industry House LED Lighting Design Standards", "LED Plant Lighting Product Optical Performance Measurement Methods", "Intelligent Lighting Equipment Non-Main Functional Mode Power Five group standards including Measurement and Energy Consumption Estimation Methods for Intelligent Lighting Systems have been reviewed and issued and implemented on May 15, 2020.

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1. "Lighting Project Cost Valuation Standard", the standard number is T/CIES 022-2020

The "Lighting Project Cost Valuation Standard" is applicable to the design budget preparation, engineering quantity list preparation, bidding control price preparation, bidding price preparation, completion settlement price preparation, and final settlement calculation of the whole process of new construction, expansion, and reconstruction of lighting projects in the People's Republic of China. Pricing activities such as contract price adjustment and settlement of engineering pricing disputes.

The standard stipulates that lighting projects that use state-owned capital investment or state-owned capital investment should be priced using a bill of quantities; non-state-owned capital investment lighting projects can be priced using a bill of quantities or consumption list.

The lighting engineering mentioned in the standard includes the lighting engineering in building installation engineering and architectural decoration engineering, municipal lighting engineering, traffic lighting engineering, lighting engineering in garden building greening, urban landscape lighting engineering, etc.

2. "Design Standard for LED Lighting in the Automotive Industry", the standard number is T/CIES 023-2020

The "Design Standards for LED Lighting in Automotive Industry Houses" stipulates that LED lighting technology should be applied to the general lighting, station lighting, power distribution and control of automotive industry enterprises for production and auxiliary rooms. It is suitable for new construction, reconstruction and expansion. Lighting design for production and auxiliary rooms of automobile industry enterprises.

3. "Measurement method of optical performance of LED plant lighting products", the standard number is T/CIES 025-2020

"Measurement method of optical performance of LED plant lighting products" is applicable to lamps for plant lighting, and specifies the spectral radiation intensity, photosynthetic photon intensity, photosynthetic photon flux, photosynthetic photon flux density, photosynthetic photon flux density distribution of LED plant lighting products „ÄĀMeasurement methods of photosynthetic photon efficiency and flux maintenance rate.

4. "Measurement of non-main function mode power of intelligent lighting equipment", the standard number is T/CIES 026-2020

"Intelligent lighting equipment non-main function mode power measurement" is applicable to intelligent lighting equipment powered by a power supply voltage not exceeding 1500 V DC or 1000 V AC 50/60 Hz. The standard stipulates the measurement method of power consumption of intelligent lighting equipment in non-main function mode, does not specify performance requirements related to energy consumption, nor does it specify the maximum limit of non-main function mode power and/or corresponding energy consumption.

5. "Intelligent lighting system energy consumption estimation method", the standard number is T/CIES 027-2020

"Estimation Method of Energy Consumption for Intelligent Lighting System" is applicable to intelligent lighting systems including indoor or outdoor applications, including intelligent lighting systems with additional functions, and provides methods for energy consumption estimation of intelligent lighting systems, including comprehensive system estimation methods, rapid There are three methods of calculation estimation and direct measurement.