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Feile Audio-Visual Revenue Of Over 3 Billion Yuan In The First Three Quarters Of The Proposed Acquisition Of OSRAM Lighting Business To Accelerate To Expand Overseas

May 11, 2017

  Feile Audio-Visual (600651.SH) released the afternoon of October 30 three quarterly reports. The report shows that from January to September 2015, Stadium lights operating income was 3.034 billion yuan, an increase of 90.95% over the previous year; net profit of 196 million yuan, surged 650.58 percent year on year. Among them, the third quarter 2015 operating income reached 1.56 billion yuan Feile Audio-Visual, exceeding the revenue in the first half of this year, net profit of 125 million yuan, while the first half of 2015 net profit of only 70,792,400 yuan.LED stadium lighting In fact, the 2015 business objectives Feile Audio-Visual disclosed in 2014 annual report: in 2015 the main business income of 3.85 billion yuan, and strive to complete the 5 billion yuan. For now, just around the corner to complete the 3.85 billion yuan. Can be learned from the three quarterly, the three costs (sales expenses, administrative expenses and financial expenses) Feile Audio-Visual third quarter of 174 million yuan, only the first half of this year (482 million yuan) of 36%. high power led flood light This is perhaps one of the important reasons Feile Audio-Visual third-quarter net profit rose so fast. Investment income shares of Huaxin Securities also brought an important push hand Feile Audio-Visual third quarter net profit growth. By 2015, the company is smart city business platform, intelligent street lighting network for the business starting point,1000W led flood lights continue to increase investment in new services, foster the development of new business models and new business applications, and the introduction of market-based mechanisms to develop these businesses efforts to complete the layout of intelligent led arena lighting product chain and expect really wide range of applications of smart lighting products appear in 2-3 years. International strategy is an important business strategy the company's future development in the first half 2015, respectively, in France, Hungary invested subsidiaries, the company's product technology in this way, LED tunnel lights the brand culture, the production base extends to foreign markets, and strive to promote the company development in the international LED high bay lights industry. This year, Feile Audio-Visual best known should be is to acquire Osram lighting business, we can see its determination to develop the international market is evident.