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Feile Audio-Visual Formal Shot Osram Lighting Business To Help Pull HSBC---led Stadium Floodlight

Nov 07, 2016

 Feile Audio-Visual LED stadium light zhuangao yesterday evening announced that the company officially hired HSBC as the sole financial advisor to the acquisition of international lighting business Osram project. backpfrontp Osram (OSRAM Licht AG) for the world's second largest lighting companies, their channel business including CLB (traditional lighting and ballasts) and LL \u0026 amp; S (stadium lights and systems), has a world-renowned brand OSRAM (Osram) and Sylvania (Sylvania), and cover huge sales channels about 150 countries. Earlier on July 21 Feile Audio-Visual (600651) announced that the company and related parties or through special purpose acquisition,high power led flood light a newly formed body (SPV), expects the acquisition Osram (OSRAM Licht AG) plans to spin-off channels business.  Feile Audio-Visual intends Osram (OSRAM Licht AG) to acquire its channel business issue non-binding letter of proposal to cash the business,1000W led flood light or special purpose acquisition through a newly established body (SPV) one-step completion of the acquisition. The company plans to approach debt and equity financing to complete the acquisition.  Recently, Feile Audio-Visual will be based on the progress of the project with the exclusive international financial advisor \u0026 mdash; HSBC Bank jointly launched the next concrete work,gym lights and shall promptly be disclosed in accordance with the progress of the project. led tunnel light Feile Audio-Visual based in the domestic market of business development capabilities, execution track record in the field of mergers and acquisitions and integration, multi-channel financing in the financial markets, state-owned and private shareholders a combination of background and with many years of operating experience of the management team,led bay light the company OSRAM is the best partner to continue to operate its lighting business segment. backpfrontp Currently, Feile Audio-Visual has established good one experienced international team to support the potential acquisition opportunities,led arena light due to the acquisition lighting business Osram final agreement to be reached in the future for further discussions. backp