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Excellent Letter Light Golden Globes: 2835 Will Be In The End---oak Led Stadium Light

Oct 24, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xiongyu Heng] Honestly, Shenzhen LED stadium light business somewhat narrow view, behind closed doors at the taste inside. Referred to the current status of LED industry, the just finished expedition Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Zhongshan and other LED city of Shenzhen gifted letter Micron Technology, Inc., director of marketing Zhang Baolin says. backpfrontp Shenzhen known occupy half of the domestic high power LED flood light industry, but in his view, compared with Zhongshan, Foshan, Shenzhen LED devices lack high cost; compared with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shenzhen LED products exports totally not a grade. To break the spell, we must start with the device, greatly enhance the cost-effective Shenzhen 1000W LED flood light win market. backpfrontp and enhance cost-effective way, may be to expand production capacity for large-scale production, it can be to do the fine fine production. backp excellent letter warm light warm white 2835 devices backpfrontp Currently, packaging production line we believe excellent light reached 45, monthly production capacity reached 260KK, reduce costs for the large-scale production to provide favorable conditions. At the same time,led bay light product line of subtraction, for the whole company, focused on doing 2835 devices. Zhang Baolin, said the move is to maximize the company's cost-effective products to better serve our customers.  The reporter has learned, at present excellent letter light 2835 device has been fully covered by SMD, flip, small high led arena light   more popular type of device. The Golden Globe Engineering, excellent letter light on the choice of a use SMD 2835 package, high light efficiency devices compete to participate in the annual Technology Innovation Awards. backpfrontp According to Zhang Baolin introduced, which the device uses a multi-chip parallel programs to effectively reduce product failure impact on the finished product; luminous efficiency staggering 170LM / W, CRI \u0026 gt; 80, R9 \u0026 gt; 0, fully meet the requirements of indoor lighting; low thermal resistance that dramatically improves the reliability of the product. gym lights as a standardized, platform-based products, the market prospects for 2835 are very optimistic about the device's inevitable. Zhang Baolin concluded.