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Everlight Scored Four Lighting Brand OEM Orders Have Cold Constitution In LED Plant---led Stadium Floodlight

Nov 29, 2016

 As brand manufacturers resorted to a price war in North America, to stimulate the demand for LED street lighting, Everlight September to October optimistic LED lighting orders, in order to meet customer demand price, Everlight LED chips dispersed sources of procurement, this year LED stadium lighting the first time with the mainland LED chips; LED industry, the economy and the fear of chaos, the pace of new factory billion light gong factory expansion intact. backpfrontp Since the North American market LED lighting prices accelerated to catch the end, with major plant is introducing low-cost LED bulbs release response, Ronda thus judge, high power LED flood light supply chain also needs time to adjust the season, but already feel Everlight LED lighting orders reflux that September and October orders for optimism LED lighting, LED lighting element this year double-digit growth point of view. backpfrontp Everlight second quarter revenue of 7.056 billion yuan, annual reduction of 7.73%, but with orders reflux operation is expected to resume growth this quarter, while Everlight August revenue growth has returned to the track, the monthly growth of 3.61 percent 23.34 billion. backpfrontp billion light while briefing a few days ago in the legal admits, LED chip Epistar, although quality is better, but the mainland manufacturers of 1000W LED flood light products in the wafer, regardless of price, performance are up to a certain level, so this year Everlight On the adoption of LED lighting products in the first land plants wafer, thereby dispersing the LED tunnel light wafer sourcing. backpfrontp billion light in LED lighting has already won four major lighting brands of OEM orders, the next five will be lighting storm path orders, the second half of LED industry is not busy season, but billion light dispersion product lines, plus the phone with LED flash up to 40% market share in LED bay light plants have relatively cold constitution. As for the new plant gong billion light also expand the plant according to the established pace, this year's capital expenditure of about 2 billion yuan, the follow-up device according to the market conditions will be appended. backpfrontp billion light EPS of 2.05 yuan in the first half of this year, a small number of substantial profit LED plant, although the weak LED arena light industry, the economy in the second quarter, the second half is also not the busy season, but remained legal billion light year EPS estimate value of 4 yuan more than the share price battered billion gym lights after excitation specific buying approach, covering foreign investment yesterday under 800, the excitation light million shares stand 50 yuan integer levels from this wave of low 34 yuan, the cumulative increase of 47 %. Currently Everlight NAV of 38.3 yuan,RGB led flood lights the minority share price is higher than the NAV of LED factory, yesterday's closing price of 50.3 yuan, up 1.62 percent. backp