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Enterprises Benefit From The Development Of LED Sapphire Eye-catching

Mar 03, 2017

 recently, LED stadium lights related listed companies have released the first three quarter results forecast. Wherein the sapphire enterprises, especially eye-catching. Benefit from the development of LED, sapphire business performance generally rise, an increase of Advanced Technology performance even reach 1335.98%. backpfrontp along, LED stadium lighting sapphire substrate is the best material. With communication, IOT technology and intelligent development, is more and more widely used in mobile phones, wearable electronic devices to protect the glass, which greatly improved the sapphire market demand. Since sapphire application of increasingly far, while at the strong stimulus high power LED flood lighting market continues to erupt, the sapphire Midas touch acceleration. backpfrontp LED substrate demand rising steadily backpfrontp sapphire here, refers to the addition of other colors red gem stones known as artificial corundum, the main component is alumina. It is with high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other excellent mechanical and thermal properties, become ideal substrate material, is widely used in the photovoltaic element. According to the French statistics backpfrontp Yole, sapphire substrate material applications accounting for about 75%, non-application of the substrate material accounting for about 25%. Wherein the substrate material is mainly semiconductor lighting SOS substrate material and related products, including LED substrate material accounting for about 95%. backpfrontp as LED tennis court lights upstream chip industry, the sapphire substrate market depends on the demand for LED epitaxial wafers. In other words, if the needs of multi-chip substrate market like; once the chip market downturn, the substrate will be a lot of shrinking demand. backpfrontp driven by LED street lighting market, in order to secure market share and should be lighting market demand, 2014 major chip makers wafer production capacity rapidly expanded, Huacan, Saman, Tongfang and other domestic LED chip manufacturers have accelerated the expansion and increase capacity utilization, to seize the market, to further promote the sapphire substrate requirements. backpfrontp with three safety optoelectronics, for example, in 2014 two-inch sapphire substrate month demand of about 420,000, at this stage there is still an active expansion plans, expected after 2015 if the 100 units completed first production, monthly capacity reaches 65 ten thousand. backpfrontp However, this is only the beginning. Currently, LED gym lighting has entered a golden period of development for three years, demand into the phase of rapid growth, the industry will continue to drive rapid growth. According HISResearch estimates, 2015 overall LED chip market will reach $ 12.6 billion, further driving the rapid growth of market demand for LED sapphire. backpfrontp strong demand in the lighting market stimulation, sapphire market once again showed the market boom, especially in the ingot prices continue optimistic: 2-inch sapphire crystal rod prices remain at $ 5 / mm, while the maximum amount of 2-inch substrate prices rise to $ 8, a slight rise over the past four-inch sapphire substrate is two inches flat sheet price five or six times. backpfrontp stage, sapphire accounted for about 10% of the cost of proportion. With four inches above the RGB LED flood lights replacement rates improved rapidly, sapphire the size of a gradual transition from the application of 2 inches to 4 inches or 6 inches. While the large size of the ingot can reduce raw material losses, 6 inches Wafer production of chips is 10-12 times two inches round grain, but the geometric area increased by 9 times, only two inches round crystals, better able to reduce production costs to expand the product The range of applications. backpfrontp According YoleDevelopment forecasts, in 2015, more than 4-inch sapphire wafer demand will reach 82% market share of the entire industry. Therefore, the company has production capacity of large-size sapphire or ahead of the layout of large-size areas of the company will benefit. backpfrontp With the LED chip to 4 inches substrates accelerate the transition, the next period of time, four inches substrate bullish situation will remain stable, but two inches of the substrate will usher prices gradually fell. In this regard, Marketing Director Tiantonggufen Guoyue Bo said: the future profitability of the sapphire substrate 4 inches of investment projects will be further enhanced. Days pass LED sapphire substrate products will be mainly targeted at 4,6 inch large-size substrate. backpfrontp consumer electronics to market the Blue Ocean backpfrontp relatively mature market of LED tunnel lights substrate, second only to diamond in hardness of sapphire, as a starting material widely used to protect mobile phones and other consumer electronics field. backpfrontp Apple iPhone5 imported from sapphire lens cover to do, to be iPhone5S for the Home key, and then was used as a positive year iWatch window material. The next goal will consider APPLE or sapphire material in more diverse products. Meanwhile, Huawei, VIVO, cola and other large Chinese manufacturers are also actively considering the use of sapphire phone cover. backpfrontp many brokerage clear that, in order to protect the glass screen, cell phone camera as the representative of the consumer electronics sapphire will open new growth. If in 2016 the global smart phone by 1.658 billion calculations, application penetration rate of mobile phones sapphire lens 80%, Home key application penetration rate of 25 percent sapphire, sapphire mobile screen applications 15% penetration rate, the new application market space near Sapphire $ 5 billion, will be more than five times the LED arena lights substrate material. backpfrontp as cover to plant apple traditional blue Synopsys and Byrne optical supply sapphire material suppliers, Aorui claimed that the actual number of orders only iWatch, the company in 2015 signed two inches of the ingot has reached 30 million mm, forecast 2016 to 2018 sales growth were 100%, 33%, 19%. backp