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Engineering Golden Globe Poll Last 10 Days Micro-channel LED 'Oscar' Everything Is At Your Fingertips

Feb 14, 2017

 Engineering LED Yue Motte At present the highest number of votes is not going to send a red envelope? Engineering LED stadium lights micro-channel group where someone quips. They say that the 2015 micro-channel voting Engineering LED Golden Globe, as of now, total number of votes has been close to 110,000 votes times. backpbackpfrontp near the end, LED stadium lighting industry insiders selection vote in the selection after another, and has gradually become a trend or even a trend, but a good product Engineering LED Golden Globe Award is different. backpfrontp this 2015 Golden Globe, Engineering high power LED flood light Organizing Committee holds fair and impartial manner, each one carefully screened ballot insiders, and strive to make every vote can be real and effective, while resolutely resist malicious behavior brush votes All rights to vote corporate guarantee. backpfrontp to win the Golden Globe, the voting phase micro-channel is one of the most important aspects, Engineering Organizing Committee introduced the Golden Globes, you first need to ensure that the number of micro-channel voting participation in the first three prizes to the finalists, after successfully nominated , according to the judges scores to determine each award winner Golden Globe.LED tunnel lights Votes proportion of micro-channel accounted for 70% of vote, organizers said, can not win a prize, the level of micro-channel voting votes is an important factor. backpfrontp micro-channel has been voted to the final stage, from the voting deadline of October 26, only 10 days, the time can be a long,led arena light say short not short. Currently occupy the top of votes can not be taken lightly, but lags behind the enterprises should also take advantage of the last few days trying to launch a vote. After all, who ultimately have the last laugh, is still unknown. backpfrontp Finally, each award will produce three finalists based on the level of votes to enter the Golden Globe award ceremony December 12, 2015 of. Who can finally enter the LED tennis court lights industry Oscar awards feast, who eventually won the highest honor a gold ball is in your backpfrontp everything is attached:?! 2015 Golden Globe Award for Engineering LED micro-channel voting process (click to read details) backp