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Engineering Foshan Tovey How A Step Towards The Abyss On The Verge Of Collapse---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 02, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] September 18, Foshan Tovey event is still fermenting. 'Engineering LED' 17-day reports (Original link: http: //news.gg-led.com/asdisp2-65b095fb-60243-.html) caused the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta LED stadium light industry's attention. backpfrontp informed sources, today vendor representatives will go to the government and the United Plastics Group, petition, and workers will continue to containment facility. backpfrontp ups and downs backpfrontp Foshan Tovey is the Hong Kong HSBC Group companies, since its inception in 1996, has been developing well. Informed sources have pointed out that 2013 net profit 70 million yuan Tovey,stadium lights 2014 revenues have more than 8 billion in At this year's March 31, Foshan Tovey and Dongpeng home, Ali Baba, Xinpeng robot reached a strategic cooperation, start Internet +, through intelligent manufacturing, accelerate technological innovation machine generations. high power led flood light other hand, Foshan Tovey in the first half of this year also launched a market strategies, plans landing three new board in 2015. To comprehensively promote market strategies, visit the capital market, Tovey and several venture capital firms for strategic cooperation.style mutation, beginning in July 2015, Foshan Tovey suppliers discern problems. Tovey will not survive? There vendor concerns. To yesterday (September 17) appeared to contain the event, and containment will continue today. supplier Representative of Longjiang town government's 'complaint' in the show,1000W led flood light since Tovey August shutdown, triggered by supplier shutdown, dun creditors domino effect has been increasing. At this time, suppliers and employees can only hope that the government hopes that the Government can do something to help at the 30-year history of the old enterprises. backpfrontp fact, Tovey plight of today, there are partly due to the government's EMC project and the bank to recover the loan in advance. Bank off loans, led tunnel light exports stagnated, and its largest customer and Tat Cooper also abandoned Tovey away, so that the current problem Tovey nothing. backpfrontp double whammy backpfrontp time and then move aside a little, in March of this year, Tovey listed strategic investment signing ceremony held in Shunde, Liang Qipeng company chairman at the meeting revealed that the company has with the typical Ding Investment, Star investment reached a strategic cooperation agreement,led bay light a number at the same time venture capital institutions and companies have reached a cooperation agreement and start the share reform in the next two months. In regard to earlier media reports and Tovey official website published 'cross optimal joint United Plastics Group, a formal stake Tovey lighting,' a text, recently, the staff members said the United Plastics Group,led arena light the group was unaware of the matter. From the Industrial and Commercial Bureau website, until now Tovey equity firm did not occur any change. backpfrontp investors reluctant to increase, suppliers stopped supplying bank accounts were frozen, the internal financial management confusion, these are Tovey into such a predicament important reasons. backpfrontp current assets 1.3 billion,tennis court lights liabilities of 1.4 billion, the Appeals insider pointed out that although there are about 500 million of non-bank liabilities side of the same debt, but the company is not currently operating capital. backpfrontp Tovey is completely restored to life. Supplier representative that, despite all these problems, but Tovey of foreign orders and domestic LED street lighting industry's brand and reputation, let suppliers still retain their confidence. In the 'complaint' can be seen, if Tovey saved, supplier representatives will continue to fully support Tovey. backpfrontp Customs export data show, Tovey overall exports of $ 32,927,800 last year, this year's January-August exports of $ 11.1 million, in July exports as well as $ 1,149,300,led gym lights while in August this data dropped to $ 374,300. In May this year, LED Engineering to conduct visits Tovey, the company's senior engineer also said that this year will be a continuation of last year's orders full. backp